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DeBary Glen has another success

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  • DeBary Glen has another success

    After getting off to a sometimes agonizing slow start the racing program at DeBary Glen is becoming more regular. We had a kids race on Saturday morning. That group I'm having the most trouble putting together but at least we had three racers and they had fun as usual.. Tuesday evening we had a group of five racers show up to run a Slot.It group c event that had been postponed from last week. We had a warmup race, while wating for our fifth driver to arrive, with the Scalextric Start cars (LMP) which I managed to win. Then came the main event. The cars entered were 2 Toyota 88C's, one Mazda 787b, one Sauber Mercedes and a Porsche 962. My friend Rick, who helped build the track, won the race by one lap in my Mazda 787b, another friend Chuck who has helped a bunch was second in his Sauber Mercedes and my GRRR friend Grant was right behind Chuck on the same lap for third. I was fourth two more laps back in my Toyota 88C and Matt Turner, Ricks son, had some trouble and finished 8 laps back in my Porsche 962. We all had a good time and I think everyone will be back for the next race.

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    It sounds like all had a great time. I would have liked to have been there, but unfortunately family came first and I had to take a pass this race. I will be back for the next event.

    The racing is so close that positions change on a regular basis - from first to worst and worst to first - which keeps it exciting. The talent and setup on all the cars is so close, it usually comes down to 'racing luck' as to who will win the event.

    For one, I am very glad that DeBary Glen has come to the point where it is and I'm hoping to have more and more racers show up and enjoy the facility you have provided for us.

    In my opinion you have done a lot for the slot car racing family.