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DeBary Glen is one year old this week.

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  • DeBary Glen is one year old this week.

    While the doors have been open since last March, 2011 our first official race was one year ago this last week. The late Ken Brown was the winner of that race. Things have moved slowly but steadily since last June. Improvements have been made to the track and facilities and ever so slowly participation is increasing. We have come to the point where regular events are happening and we have even had a few impromptu races when enough drivers show up at the same time. We are racing Slot.It classics and group C in addition to Scaley LMPs and modern GT cars. Thanks to everyone who has helped make this possible.

    Remember, we do not charge any fees for coming and practicing or racing at the facility. On the other hand we don't have any payouts for the winners other than praise and warm handshakes.

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    Congrats on keeping things going so far, and all success in the future!

    I met Ken a couple years ago in Chicago, such a gent and a great racer.

    Now I just need a plausible excuse to visit your part of the continent - maybe you could post some pictures of the track?


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      Wet Coast Racer,

      Here's a couple of 'plausible' excuses to visit the area:

      Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona
      Daytona 500
      Dirt Car Nationals
      Coca-Cola 400

      Hope that helps.


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        Hmmm good argument! Would love to see the Daytona 500 one of these days.


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          DeBary Glen is moving

          I have sold the 65' Scaley sport track. It is supposed to reappear in Jacksonville, Fl. some time soon. The other track, a 65' 4 lane routed mdf course is being moved to my home after some modifications to make it fit the space I have available. I could no longer afford the rent at it's current location. The mdf track should be back in operation early this summer. It will be 10 ft. shorter and the space tighter but it will be air conditioned and less trouble to keep clean.