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  • World Raceway

    World Raceway
    5209 West Lake Street
    Melrose Park, IL


    Centrally located in the Chicago area just South of O'hare airport and the I-hobby show location.
    Lake Street is US 20 and store is about one mile East of the I-290/294 interchange. East of Wolf Road and West of Mannheim Roads, just South of US 64.

    Tracks include the MTT 1989 world championship 155' flat track originally at Grand/JK Raceways; a restored American Royal 95' Black; and a 55' Ogilvie tri-oval...all 8-lane wood tracks that can race plastic as well as commercial and retro/vintage 1/32 and 1/24 slot cars. SRT lap counting and modern power supply power.

    Hours are Tuesday - Friday 2pm to 8 pm. Saturday Noon to 8pm and Sunday Noon to 6pm. for the summer...when racing season begins, closing times should be later.

    Principals: Steve Page, Dan Moore, and Larry Kelley(Ramcatlarry)

    1/32 and 1/24 analog plastic car friendly...we will be hosting club racing events.
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    ramcatlarry do you have pic's of track.


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      We can supply a very good photo of Both Tracks


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        MTT #5
        American Racing Royal 95
        Tri Oval


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          Sad to say that the raceway is gone. My Oval is now in Lake Barrington Field House off of rt 14 and 59 in Northern Illinois. The MTT and the American Black are in Massachusetts. Black is up and running next to one of the few Purple Mile tracks left in the world and the fate of the MTT is not known to me at this time......


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            world raceway

            That phone number is, sadly, disconnected.

            I'm still hoping it's in business. I grew up in Chicago, near Grand Raceway and I would L O V E to see that old track again!!!

            Does anyone know if it's still in business??
            Please send me any contact info or whereabouts of that awesome old track.

            Kyle von DeKalb


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              See my post prior to your last one. I raced at Grand when the MTT was new as well. A lot of the older racers have retired or are now racing plastic cars with the Great Lakes Club. I took over the JK retail raceway in 2001 until 2007.

              The Proslot MTT is setup in central Michigan last I heard.


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                Grand Raceway

                Thanks for the reply. If I ever find out where that track is I'm going!


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                  Beautiful tracks! I hope they survive!!!!!!


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                    As far as I know, this raceway is no longer in business. The tri-oval was sold to a new raceway in South Bend, IN.

                    Can someone please confirm?


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                      My little trioval is in Bloomington, Il at Mid America/Minks. The MTT and American Royal seem to be in storage in Massachusets.

                      The Proslot MTT recently was sold and have not heard where it is going.