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Don's Hobby Place-Out of Business.

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  • Don's Hobby Place-Out of Business.

    Don's Hobby Place
    121 North 15th Street,
    Chesterton, IN 46304
    (219) 926-9030

    Carrera sectional four-lane track
    1/43 track

    Monday-Friday: 10 AM to 8 PM
    Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM
    Sundays: closed

    Don Cundiff

    1) Car rental available
    2) The Chesterton Tribune published this article about this shop earlier in the year: Don's Hobby Place Article
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    Don's is my local track. He is a great guy. They are mostly magnet racers. But us no mag folks are welcome. Still can't forget when one of the local mag hotshoes drove my RAA entry. NIGHT and DAY difference! Really opened his eyes!

    The 1/43 track is gone as Don has moved about 1/2 mile down on Central Ave from the original location. Closer to food.

    As much fun as when I lived in Avon and ran at Indy Slots/Indy Slots West.


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      Don's Hobby Place

      Just returned from a little day trip down to Chesterton. Note he's at 1050 Broadway now. But we had a great time, found some stuff we couldn't at our own LHS, and enjoyed the track time. We sure want to do it agian some time soon. Maybe even meet DrDiff.


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        Just got back from Don's nice place great track. Dr Diff were gonna have to get together at Don's and do some no mag racing should be fun.


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          Dons Hobby Place -CLOSED out of business.

          Come and visit us at our new loaction, about 4 blocks east of our old location.The new address is:

          Don's Hobby Place
          1050 Broadway Ste.2
          Chesterton, IN. 46304


          Besides our 4 lane Carrera track, we have a HO scale track and are in the process of planning/building a drag strip for the real "Need for Speed" freaks out there.

          You can also find us on Facebook at: Don's Hobby Place

          Don Cundiff
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            Router packed in car. 2 3/4 rolls of copper tape. I doubt we will need all of it.

            Bring some 9 volt batteries and we should be able to drag race caveman style before I leave!


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              Just finished routing the drag strip at Don's Hobby Place in Chesterton, IN Lanes are 8 inches on center 4 and inch gutters.1/32 scale eighth mile.

              Initially Copper tape but may switch to braid. Should be fun to run on with carerra hot rods. Enough space for 1/24 scale hard body cars.

              The Start line.

              The finish line and shut down area.
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                We just taped both lanes of the drag strip at dons hobby place. I ran caveman style on both lines(9 volt to the tape). Made a second pass by touching the wires from a Careers wall wart to the track.

                The Start

                The finish and Shut down

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                  Welcome to SCI

                  Hi Don,

                  Your welcome to promote your business on SCI ( no links please unless a paid in full advertiser )

                  However I need to ask you to contact me regarding your log in name.

                  As per the SCI rules all agree to to be Members here you can not use a Business name to log in here, unless you wish to be an advertiser.
                  I hope you understand that on SCI you can reach a large number of people interested in this Hobby, and you are encouraged to promote here with the rules.

                  No log in with a business name ( that is advertising ) and no links unless you wish to be an SCI Advertiser ( which we welcome you to do )

                  Thanks for your understanding.

                  Happy Holidays
                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    Sad news Yesterday found this in my e-Mail inbox:

                    We are sad to announce that we will be going out of business in April. We have been in business for 3 years, but due to the economy, it has been tough. We want to thank everyone for your support.

                    Don & JoAnn Cundiff

                    Don's Hobby Place
                    1050 Broadway Ste.2
                    Chesterton, IN. 46304



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                      Latest word from Don

                      Just got this e-Mail today from Don. Close out sale going on 25% off

                      We are having a Going Out of Business sale. All merchandise is 25% off: Skateboards, RC cars, Models, Slotcars...

                      The track is still available to use for the next few weeks.

                      Don Cundiff
                      Don's Hobby Place
                      1050 Broadway Ste.2
                      Chesterton, IN. 46304


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                        Carrera Track for sale

                        Also, our big 4 lane 77 foot Carrera track is for sale. Please call for details. 219-926-9030



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                          Sorry to hear about this's to a new and exciting future!


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                            the day

                            Today is the day the track gets taken apart. If you raced here regularly, some of the regulars are starting a home circuit. PM me if interested.