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Thunder Valley Raceway

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  • Thunder Valley Raceway

    Thunder Valley Raceway
    414 S. Laurel
    Mishawaka, IN 46544
    (574) 252-5401

    105' Ogilvie Oval
    Six-lane 1/32 track

    Weekly Racing:
    Racing Wednesday & Friday evenings
    Special events on Saturday

  • #2
    Is the track still open and when are they racing?


    • #3
      Does not sound good

      The phone number is disconnected. I hope someone in the area can confirm otherwise I feel the News for his Raceway is not good. Hopefully they moved to a new location
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



      • #4
        i tried it also and didnt get anything. I really hope that the track is still open. Im getting back in the the hobby and want to do some racing there. Because the other tracks are to far for me to drive to.


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          last I knew Thunder Valley was still open but only on fridays!


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            I was in town with a friend to go to a swap meet and we thought we would see if this track was still there.

            We found the building and the sign is still on it, but there was nothing on the door that listed hours of business, etc. Hard to see inside but it appeared empty, and the parking lot looked like it hadn't been used in a while (lots of weeds coming up through the asphalt).

            So unless someone says otherwise, I think they're closed.


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              Update. Thunder Valley is open ever other Wednesday. Same as Thazer Race way. When Thazer is closed Thunder is open. I stopped by yestdurday and Thazer was open. Next Wednesday Thunder will be open.