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  • FunTraxx Portable Slot Car System

    Mike McDaniel
    12374 Murray Ln
    Wheatfield, IN 46392

    41' Carrera
    4 lane road course
    cars provided for many different genres
    6' x 16' table

    Est. April 2009

    Our first year has been a learning experience. We will be updating our mechanical lap counter to a Trackmate system in February.

    Check out a few of our videos on Youtube. search: funtraxx racing
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    Seasons Greetings!!!!!

    We hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas! We wish everyone a Happy and Blessed New year!

    Best Wishes,
    Mike and Robin
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      Time Sell

      Without trying to take advantage of my patrons, can I have some opinions of how much we should sell time for. Last year we sold 25 laps for $1. We have mainly operated in rural NW Indiana and this seemed to be agreeable with our patrons. We are updating to a time-sell module in a few months and want to make the most of it and yet keep reasonable to all.

      Any thoughts?



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        i am not sure how much to charge, but i would suggest charging based on time rather than laps. that way you aren't penalizing the faster racers and don't end up only getting $1 from the slow poke that takes 15 minutes to do 25 laps. it sounds like you are already headed in that direction with the timesell module.


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          laps vs. time

          You're right...we have had a time with pokie or young racers. I refused to turn away the little ones, as long as mom or dad were helping, but it sure took FOREVER on occasions!

          The time sell will definitley reduce that dilema.



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            Thanks for Viewing!

            We would like to extend a 25% discount to anyone who mentions SCI when booking a FunTraxx Racing Party. We operate within a 50 mile radius of Wheatfield, IN. We can also negotiate farther distances.

            Again.....Happy New Year!!!!

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              News Paper Article

              Slot Car Track goes mobile

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              Click image to enlarge

              Owner Mike McDaniel shows off his Funtraxx portable slot-car racing track.

              By Tom Sparks
              Sports Correspondent

              Published: Friday, April 17, 2009 10:12 AM CDT
              (Wheatfield) – Mike McDaniel and has nephew, Ranen Toosley, were sitting around watching You-tube around Christmas and noticed that there seemed to be a growing resurgence in Slot-Car racing. Scale-model railroading and model kits had been a life-long passion for McDaniel so he started thinking that it would be fun and maybe profitable to get into the business.

              Initially, McDaniel states that he wanted to open a traditional storefront business with a model kit store with a slot-car track built inside. McDaniel states he looked around but eventually decided to literally take the show on the road.

              With help from friends and family, McDaniel built a portable miniature road course with 41 feet of track on a six by sixteen foot table. The track features for lanes or slots so that four vehicles can race simultaneously.

              “We basically decided to start with this portable unit,” said McDaniel, “with the aim being to generate some income towards our ultimate goal of having a place kids and adults can come to have fun and work on their own projects.”

              The young company, dubbed Funtraxx, is owned by McDaniel and his wife Robin. They have already lined up their first two commitments. The unit will make its debut at the Wheatfield Elementary Fun Carnival on April 17th and will be available at the Jasper County Fair later this summer.

              Today’s cars still feature a small electric motor that receives its power from the track but look and react more like real vehicles.

              The cars and the racing are extremely realistic. Just like real-life, if you take a corner too fast, your vehicle will go tumbling and, if you start too quickly, the vehicle will lose traction and actually take off from the start line much slower. Speed and responsiveness to the controls is impressive.

              “People tend to get hooked fairly quickly once they try it out,” said McDaniel. “I know I did.”

              Slot car racing has been around for a long time and faced the same ups and downs as other hobbies as video games came to the forefront. In the 1960’s, it was so popular that not only did many towns feature a business with a track, competitions were often broadcast on nationally televised shows such as those hosted by Mike Douglas, Steve Allen, Ed Sullivan and even Johnny Carson.

              According to Scale Auto Racing News Magazine, Elvis Presley even had a room at Graceland dedicated to Slot Cars that featured a 155-foot track known as “The King.”

              The sport has recently begun a major resurgence and today’s vehicles feature quite a few more bells and whistles than those from the 60’s. McDaniel has one car that even has ground-effect lighting for racing in the dark.

              For a rental fee of $125, the track is delivered to the location and all vehicles and accessories are included. Race cars of many styles are available for use on the track and there is unlimited usage for four hours.


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                securing trailer cover

                Mike, What do you use to to cover the trailer during transport. I have a similar set up (8 X 17) and I am eating tarps, not the cheap blue ones, several times a year. I have tried several ways to tie down the tarp and it still wants to billow up at speed. The corners rip and I even had one split at the seam which acted as a sail and lifted the track off the table while attempting to find a shoulder at highway speed. Thank goodness I only lost a few fences. It was one of those first you say it then you do it moments.

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                  tarps and transport

                  I have been fortunate enough to not have to transport the track in the rain. I am usually setting up outside and in the event of rain, the party is most generally resceduled. I secured the track to the table with the Carerra track clips and I have not had any problems with the wind catching it. The one time I did have to cover the track for transport, we were only 9 miles away and I was able to tie the tarp down and drive slowly on back roads.

                  I hope to purchase an enclosed trailer in the near future and I wont have any issues in inclement weather.



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                    March 12, 2010

                    We have lined up our first event...we will be at the Wanatah Elementry School for their fun carnival on Friday March 12, 2010. Come down and see us!



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                      I remember reading a thread somewhere about a portable slot car layout built on popup trailer. The layout could be folded up and transported very easily. It was a very clever idea, I wish that I could find that thread.


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                        You could always try this :



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                          Still Going!

                          We are still in existance! I have really slowed down the last two years due to my wife having our 7th child (10th in the house) and now I'm ready for more business! We are looking at setting up at some local go kart tracks here in Jasper and Newton county, and also we will be at the Sandhill Crane Festival.

                          I hope everyone's summer is shaping up nicely. Ours has been eventful with softball, we have one daughter that will be playing All Stars. We also graduated one this June, the oldest is now enrolled at Saint Joseph College in Rensselaer.

                          Everyone have an awesome 4th of July and be safe!!!



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                            Racing died here. Don's Hobby Place sold the drag strip an the road course. Closed its doors in April

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                              Don's Hobby Place

                              It is very sad that Don had to close his doors. I had not talked with him for quite some time. I had thought he wa doing well, espeically with Friday and Saturday racing. Too bad these kids today dont know what they're missing.

                              I do know one thing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Don helped keep atleast one kid from going down the wrong path, no doubt more. But if he was able to reach out to atleast one youngster, all of his efforts were worth while!