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  • Race-Wear

    Marley Station Mall
    Upper Level C-233
    7900 Ritchie Highway
    Glen Burnie, MD 21061
    (410) 401-0470
    Carrera Sectional Track

    Ninco Track OPEN
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    Corrected Location

    We are on the upper level (C-233) next to Macy's

    The Store number is 443-790-3606
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      I have heard there is an HO track coming to Race-Wear. Is this true?


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        Best way to find out would be to phone them. (duh)


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          HO and Drag strip

          Yes we do have a 4 foot by 15 foot 4 lane HO track. It is a sectional track And I think it is about 60 feet long. We also have a 1/8 mile (1/24 scale) Drag strip that is running. We do not have a timing system on it yet.



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            The Ninco track is now open.

            We have the following tracks at the store:

            102 foot 4 lane Carrera

            125 foot 6 lane Ninco (non magnet racing)

            60 foot 4 lane HO track

            32 foot Drag strip -back up permanently, timing system and lights should be up soon.

            8 foot by 24 foot SCX digital track - available for special events and off property parties.

            We have a hot wheels drag strip for special events

            HO drag strip coming soon

            We offer birthday parties, club races or can customize your special event.
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              Looking for a place to refurb a track

              We have a 155 foot (foot print - 28 ft. x 49 ft. ) original American Congress Blue King in good condition. There are a couple of pieces that need some wood repair. Other than that it needs to be sanded, painted, and new braid. The wiring appears to be OK but it will need to be checked. I am looking for someone with extra space that would allow us to bring pieces in and work on them. We could work on this in sections but ideally, an area big enough to assemble and test would be the best. You can PM me or email me at [email protected].

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