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Looking for Nebraska shops, clubs

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  • Looking for Nebraska shops, clubs

    I've been in Nebraska only 2 years, so I don't know what is around in the small towns. I'm a half-hour west of Lincoln, and the only LHS I know of is the Hobby Town USA in Lincoln. They carry SCX and Carrera.

    Are there other shops around? (York, David City, Hastings, Kearney, etc?)

    Where are the closest clubs in the area?

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    Look here:
    These are old listings so if any of them are of interest you should call ahead. You might notify John Ford if a track has gone out of business.


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      I stopped by the track in Grand Island a year or so ago, looked to still be in operation with limited hours Wed. evenings and Sun. I think ?

      We have only been slot car racers 2 1/2 years or so and found about the same as you have,looks like we better get to promoting


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        tip toe'n

        some pics i took the last time i was there:

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          Nice ! little tracks there
          So if you were in Omaha, and didn't want to slot/buffet on a boat, you could race a slot car here?
          Is a home set car suitable,or do they have rentals?
          What do they say about SCI?


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            loose slots

            These Slot's are better then those over the river

            you'd need a 1/24 car to race. i tried my 1/32'd home cars on the oval, no luck. I'm sure someone there would be willing to let you try one out. And they have VERY good deals. One member told me to register over at the OWH to get info. Have yet to talk to a member that knows of SCI, I'm trying to get exposure for both the board, and this place.

            If anyone wants to go out there, pm me, i could make a call. Tracks should be available anytime with notice. I'll let the members chime in if they want.
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              Over 120,000 a month and still growing

              With a growing number of readers SCI is certainly a place to post info on any Slot Car Track.

              We offer free listings as long as no Web Link is used.

              So if any track is not listed in our Tracks forum I would hope they would see the value of doing so.

              Especially as most people visiting here will not know about their Store otherwise.

              Also as SCI is owned by which Imports and Distributes and Promotes several 1/24th lines such as BRM, Scaleauto and Avant Slot they are also missing out on "Scaleracing" news.

              See you at the Races.

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              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                stepped in it now...

                Thanks Alan!
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                  kc folks

                  Hey, wanted to throw a shout out to all the omaha guys for steve alcaraz, "BIG AL'S SON". we are starting to race down here in raytown and englewood area. I have 2 boys that are getting into it and love the 1/24 scale cars. We hope to be up in Omaha around Feb to do some racing. If you get a chance, please send racetrack facilities and what they are racing so we are prepared when we come up

                  steve alcaraz
                  ak NURF ALCARAZ