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Irvington Model Speedway

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  • Irvington Model Speedway

    Irvington Model Speedway
    6708 Irvington Rd.
    Omaha, NE

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    Looking at the D.D. message forum there are some very fast times listed
    Are those on the Oval or the King?
    We were just talking about the "travel to race" thread,and this looks to be the place to do it
    Having never been to a slot car race,it'd be like being a new kid in 2nd grade
    Is the vacuform shop located on premises?


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      Would gladly support a Scaleracing Event here.

      Right now not sure they are running Scaleauto, BRM, Avant slot, at this Great Looking Track.

      But if they want to run a growing part of this Hobby 1/32 scale and 1/24th Scale racing is certainly it.

      Do they run races for Scale cars?
      Alan Smith
      SCI Owner.



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        o bother

        Depends on what 'times' you're talking about. Some listed over at D.D. are for Shafer's out in Grand Island. That's a smaller track then the Mini.

        The Group-F, loosely based on the F2000 series, is close to sub 3 tics on the Mini-King. VERY FAST! and VERY FUN! Lot's of ohh's and ahh's when the newb's are shown those cars.

        If you're planning on checking things out, first time is always free and cars/controllers can be gleaned from the stacks and stacks of parts. Bill is great about helping the new guys get set-up. Much to everyone's dismay sometimes. Tips can be had from the other racers, but it might be tough as they are trying to work on their stuff, as well as others. I'd be willing to show anyone the minimal knowledge I have learned. Take it for what it's worth.

        Vac-forming is NOT done here, if you wanna see that done we can arrange that. Different location, but fun can be had there as well.

        Do they run races for Scale cars?

        As far as what's raced...The 'line-up' is almost "run what you brung" nothing too high-end on Sunday evenings, they call the Novice class the Cheeseburger class, go figure. There were a couple regular series going (Wed nights), mainly tuned FX motors, Flexi chassis and the like, but interest and summer chores have caused a lack of attendance (6-7 is the norm, lots of track calls, and self marshal) and it's been two-three weeks since anything has be held out there. I'll make some calls, and see if anyone's headed out there this afternoon/evening. Maybe something can get done to get things going again.

        I've tried to help things get going, and for a time there was a push to get more exposure. I've recently soured on the experience, and am no longer a regular, as are some others that were involved out there. Just to quell anyone saying I didn't do enough, here's the rundown...

        - informed them of SCI (they are over at Old Weird Herald mainly), posted the location here, invited EVERYONE that's listed themselves as from Nebraska on this board, bought and maintained a website (saw no use by ANY of the club members, though I still own the site name, the forum has been closed for months due to lack of activity), revamped their facebook page (paid for an ad through them. 500K times the ad went out, for 35 total 'clicks' it might still be up, who knows), helped install a new 42" monitor (got scolded for moving things around), tried to get a wireless keyboard/mouse system going for the Oval (change is BAD!!!), tried to come up with a 'discounted' member fee to help include the novice racers (Big NO-NO trying to generate any sort of revenue). The most I got was a headache, and being told that wasn't the way things should be done.

        Seeing as they get NO walk-in business, sort of an off the beaten path type place, almost for good reason. There's NO local hobby shop that supports this type of slot racing. Yes there's a HUGE HobbytownUSA close by, that used to house the track, but they forced these guys out. The store has NO parts for anything related to this type of slot car, the looks on the hobby 'experts' face when you ask is worth the trip inside.

        It's sad to see this dying but what can you do? The members are lack for desire of doing anything to promote the place, .ie events outside of the shop (I helped at a post-prom party with a portable track) I even volunteered to bring the track around to other events, but was quickly turned down. I wish them luck, but have moved on to other things. I do keep in touch with these guys, but who knows how much longer they will be there.

        It's a GREAT set-up, but lack of effort and promotion will probably cause them to lose the place. Kinda sad when you figure one of the greats races here.

        I'll gladly make calls to get the door open if anyone wants to see the place. I sent info to all the local's bout their next 'event' Hopefully enough time is given for new blood to hit the track.

        I'm sorry if this is a rude or snarky reply, but there's been some things go down there recently that have got me NOT ever wanting to go back to the place.
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          Basically sounds like a bunch of guys doing their thing their way. And if someone in the area wants to do their thing their way, they are happy to let them join in. Nothing wrong with that, but as Alan pointed out above, their thing is unfortunately not in the current growth area of the slot car hobby. So their group will probably fade away as their members eventually drop out.

          If they ran classes that folks run on home tracks, even Slot.its and NSRs, they would probably get more interest from folks like me. I like a car I can relate to, at a speed I can relate to, with some scenery that makes the model experience somewhat realistic. That's why I'm not really drawn to drive over to Irvington. Sorry, Blues.


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            the mpg alone

            I understand what you're saying Phil. There's always Silky's place. He's got a great track, and plenty of cars that are fun to run. It's more of a scale experience with scenery and cars that run at more realistic speeds, but not the digital stuff just yet. He's got plenty of the plastic track, but he is just about to make the jump to routed digital once the new track gets built. We'll see.

            I guess I shouldn't complain that much, they let me run for free tonight with borrowed cars. Sure we had to self marshal, but it was a fun night nonetheless. The Go-kart enduro promises to be a good time as well as those cars run a bit slower, and need a LOT more control to keep in the groove.

            I asked about a scaley event, and well let's just say the answer wasn't no, but... well you figure it out.

            I'll still continue to run these types as long as tracks are there to support them. Who knows how much longer this place will be in operation.

            The president of the club lives near you guys, Wilber, NE. From what I hear he's got a good amount of 1/32 stuff and maybe a storefront, but I've never made the trip out there to see. Perhaps you guys have some insight there??

            He might be more of a closed shop then these guys, who knows.