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    DTM Rules Cleaned up

    ******All cars in ALL classes must be able to pit and change lanes on its own!*******

    Any SCX DTM car can be run

    1. Body can be painted or decorated as you wish
    2. Interior will remain stock and in stock location
    3. Minor trimming of the body may be done to allow free movement of parts.
    4. Lightning of the body is prohibited
    5. Body screws may be Loosened

    1. Adding tape to the bottom of the chassis to lesson motor pod movement is allowed.
    2. Motor pod can be "Locked" Glued in place
    3. Stock Bushings or scx pro bushings only. No bearings are allowed
    4. Bushings may be glued or otherwise fixed in place.
    5. Ballast weight may be added.

    Guide flag
    1. Guides may be adjusted up or down to achieve full engagement in the slot
    2. spacers or collars are allowed
    3. Braids may be adjusted, rewoven, or replaced with any braid you want.


    Tires and Wheels
    1. Any rubber, silicone, or urethane tire may be used
    2. Tires may be trued
    3. Wheels may be Aluminum or plastic, trued or lightened, but must be between 16.00 and 17.00 mm
    4. tires may be glued to the wheel
    5 wheels and tires cannot stick out of the body more than 1/8 of a inch

    Axel & Gear
    1. Any Axel may be used
    2. Axles may be fine tuned with spacers or collars of any kind.
    3. Any gear ratio or brand of gear may be used

    Traction Magnet
    300 grams Total "Magnetic" down force
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      all the other classes should be like Nascar


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          New section:

          Other Classes

          1. F1 and Cuda to remain stock (see NASCAR COT rules)
          2. Corvette (see GT rules)
          3. additional individual classes (not yet determined/listed can be added)


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            Originally posted by Shift View Post
            we have a race coming up May 4th. I think we should have these rules finalized at least by 4/20/2013 before the race. this is everybody's chance to shape this into something that's fun for all of us. so ask questions, lots of them! If you have an idea for a class all on its own lets do it

            two days left to let your voice be heard!


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              I am still not happy about opening up these new parts and adjustments. Seems like people had already invested in the new stuff or started experimenting with them and are writing them into the rules. Like a huge head start or tech and prepping. I dont think weight should be added. And I dont like the adding of other brand gears, axles, pinions, wheels. Basically you had rules saying that scx pro parts were all that was allowed. It was clearly stated back to when Charlotte guys were the only ones racing. So people invested in those. People worked to bring their cars into compliance and compete by those rules. Now, those parts are not good enough so now you are opening new parts and a huge door of cost. Tell me what happened that made those old rules no longer valid and changed the need for all of these new parts? I cant help but feel that I personally worked on cars to compete within the rules and after winning new rules are being introduced. Basically you just took all the work and investment people made and have made them obsolete. No one here is going to argue scx pro parts compete with or are in the same class as pro parts. Or other professionally balance wheels. So basically all the scx parts are now second tier. Seems like an arms race to me and it favors the people who are just now investing in newer technology.

              Just wondering why the rules that were originally created are no longer good enough and all this new stuff is being allowed? Oh wait, maybe this is why:

              If you cant beat them, change the rules...


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                All this stuff you talk about has been up for decision for the last 3 or so weeks. The rules you are talking about were written by Jonthan Thad and myself for our GT3 class we were running at the time. That was the parts we had and that is what we ran. Now that no one knows what is going to come of SCX why would you not want to be able to get something else. You already CANT buy SCX pro rims anymore. Atleast I cant find them. So when my grub screws stripped out I had to buy something else. And what are we gonna do if we cant buy the gears anymore. If Im going to put money into slot cars I'm going to buy something that will be here if SCX folds up. I asked very plainly from the start of this if people wanted a spec gear ratio, tire and rim. Seemed that people wanted to open it up. I already told you what I am running for tires and rims so how is that a arms race? Slot it stuff is not professionally balanced at all and its not anymore expensive.

                It still comes down to preparation. You said yourself at the last race you weren't ready at all. You didn't even bring your own controller.


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                  Unfortunately once the upgrade cat is let out of the bag it is near impossible to go back to running stock.



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                    BaHarris, I hear your complaints about the proposed changes. Do you want a detailed response to your complaints or would you rather propose some changes to the rules? We have been discussing these changes for 3 weeks and the rule deadline is tonight so that everyone has time to get their stuff ready for the May 4th race. If you have suggestions we need to hear them now.


                    • Want to make a change to the rules. John and I both discussed this and want to make LMP stock also. I think the Raleigh crowd might be the only ones having them, at this point anyway, and we felt this is the best way to go for this class.

                      Any discussion?

                      Bassman, you are right about what's been let out of the bag.


                      • sounds good to me. stock as in the same as the COT class right?


                        • Do what you guys want. I get what you are saying Ross about scx's future and wanting to buy something that is going to be around. I am just pointing out some people already invested heavily in what was the rule and standard. Now opening it up makes those investments secodn tier. i also think opening it up to any brand makes people spend tons on varying brands to try to find the competitive advantage of one brand verse the other and also makes it very hard to police. I just feel like you better keep it somewhat streamlined or it is going to become the wild wild west.

                          So, why not kep the restrictions to the scx parts and then, have a person wanting to introduce a new brand propose it and have it voted to the exceptable list. So you dont have 15 different brands of gears and everyone running different things. how are you going to police that. And that way, to have it accepted, everyone has a chance to voice a concern and make sure its not a wieght advantage and everyone has the same chance to invest in it. Ross, you have divulged what you are running to keep it fair, but everyone may not. But if you are required to request it be approved, then it goes on a list of acceptable parts for anyone new joinging to see. It also forms some sort of acceptaple parts list and allows for a tech inspection like nascar does. Can you imagine if they didnt keep some guidelines? And this is starting to become like that process to me.


                          • Also, Ross, I want to keep this discussion seperate from my lst race performance. I fully admitted my heart wasnt into the prep of the last race and I suffered due to my own preparedness. it may be that way this time. But I do not want that to affect my concerns for what I see as a long term problem. I do not want to make it unfun to race with too many rules, but I also dont want to discourage new members becuse they cant afford to buy a car, then all of these parts. Or get it to where you have to buy three different pinions and 8 brands of gears and find the pefect match to put with one of 6 axles and 12 pairs of rims to build a car to compete. Just thinking of the KISS rule and limitting it to one or two approved brands to keep it easy to follow and easy to compete. Shouldnt it be about driving more than who bought the best parts?


                            • BaHarris - You are correct, So if you are proposing that we maintain a list of approved parts, how do you think we should handle the process of approving new parts? For instance, if I want to request that a new wheel be approved how would I go about that? Can I simply email everyone to get their approval? Do I have to buy the tires and bring them to a race so everyone can look at them before voting to approve/not approve? Can you get something approved and use it for a race on the same day or do you need to ask for approval weeks in advance? I don't mind having a list of approved parts but I don't want to get bogged down in trying so hard to control things that it isn't fun anymore.


                              • As far as gears go I just looked on hotslots and if I'm not mistaken the only brands that will work with our cars are either SCX, Ninco or Slot it gears. So I don't think that is a large option on gears. I have stated before that Slot it gears are heavier so there's no advantage in that compared to SCX. Ninco doesn't have a big selection. So to me its down to SCX and Slot it.

                                As for wheels and tires yeah that is more wide open than gears I would say. I said it before in this discussion that I have tired a couple different brands of tires and there is nothing as good as Slot it S2's that I have found which have ALWAYS been ok with everyone. Wheels are more for look to me. A half a gram lighter isn't going to make or break a race for anyone. Slot it wheels are also heavier that SCX pro rims so I don't see that being a issue.

                                By the way it sounds I think we only have 3 classes that people want to open up GT, DTM and VETTE. I have only had one set up in the past and just run the same motor pod, axle, and gear on 3 different cars so I didn't have to buy but one setup.

                                I want it to be fun for everyone also! That is what this discussion has been about for the last month.