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  • Tyler Slot Cars

    We have a new club track in Tyler, TX. It is 105 feet built by Chris Dadds.

    Tyler Slot Cars
    8220 Baylor Drive
    Tyler, TX 75703

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    I recently got back into slot cars after about a 6 year break by picking up a 1/32 scale Scalextric Start Rally set, Scalextric Aston Martin, and Scalextric Corvette C6R. I'm now looking for a group to race with.

    Got a few questions for you:

    1. When do you guys meet up?
    2. How often do you run 1/32 scale?
    3. Is the track a slick, routed wood where silicone tires are a must for traction, or do the standard rubber tires get decent traction as well? (I don't have silicone's on my cars yet, as I currently only run on a Scalextric Start track at home).

    Thanks in advance,


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      Hi, Shannon - to SCI! This is quite an old Thread, so may not be noticed or responded to right away.

      In my experience, commercial tracks seem to work with a variety of tire types, with rubber/urethane compounds generally the quickest - or even foam tires, particularly once a groove gets laid down.

      If you don't get a response here from the track owners, give them a call at 903-534-4675.

      Cheers, Paul


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        Hi Shannon,

        We spoke on the phone the other day. We usually race on Thursday nights. I e-mailed you some information. Let me know if you have any other questions.



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          Anyone home ��


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            Yes we are still here. We run mainly 1/24 cars, but we all have some 1/32 cars if you ever want to come run with us.