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  • Slotict

    My grandson has shown intrest in Ho. Would like to build him a small door track for his room using the old Paramount Ranch track. Do you have anything using Tomy track 2 lane? Thanks for any help.
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    This layout uses 6 90-degree corners and 4 15" straights (either start with the Infinity figure 8 set and add a pair of 15" straights, or start with the Super Coupes set).

    Add: a pair of 6" straights, a pair of 9" straights, a pair of 12" corners, and a pair of 15" corners.

    Green area is 36x80

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      This is a Super Coupes set plus two 6" straights on a 36x80 area.

      Maybe a child would be happier with corners that are all the same radius, like this, especially without any increasing/decreasing rad corners.


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        Thanks for taking the time to do this.


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          If you don't already have HO stuff, I heartily recommend starting with the 4-Way Split set. These two layouts just use parts from the 4-Way Split. You can use the extra cars as spares/parts, and you can use the duplicate controls to have separate power for each lane of a two lane track (use both power terminal tracks, and just plug one power pack and one controller into each power terminal track). With either of the following layouts, you'll have lots of great track sections left over that are expensive to buy separately and hard to find in other sets (you can easily trade them, sell them, or use them in other track projects).

          The big difference between these two layouts is that the separate control stations are either on the same side or opposite sides of the table.

          The 4-Way Split set comes with Tomy's lap counter, but I don't recommend using it--especially if you're planning on permanently mounting it.

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            You have gone out of your way to be helpful.


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              This is what I was looking for, I should have posted before now. Better late then never. Looks real even if on a door.
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                Originally posted by Ogre View Post
                This is what I was looking for, I should have posted before now. Better late then never. Looks real even if on a door.
                Did you ever build this track? I'm looking for a challenging 4 lane door track to build and donate to my Church Youth Group.