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4-5' x 12' Scalextric Digital

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  • 4-5' x 12' Scalextric Digital

    Took down my Train layout of 6 years and after deciding it was time to give the slotcars a more 'permanent' location. Just thought I'd post up my track plan, I laid it out last night to the specs of the picture with one exception. I moved the front XLC to the previous straight section.

    The Rt hand pit lane (front most pit lane) is just for car being placed or taken off the track. The actual pit lane is the inner most lane of the 4 lane section. It's actually quite fun with the Pit Lane game as the sequence between red and green is about two laps, meaning when it turns green you need to be thinking about the route you are going to take to get to the pits and if you miss it on the first lap, there is a good chance you only have one shot left before it turns red again. I have high hopes for the RichG and Co. modified Pit Lane Game to go with PBPro and SSDC.

    The table is about 12' 4" long by 5' deep on the one end and 4' on the other.

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    One of the Best I've seen!

    Nice layout! It looks like a lot of thought went into this layout. I'm new to slot car racing. I've been looking for a layout that is complete, and yours has it. I'm in the planning stages of my more permenant track, and my space is slightly smaller. It's an L shaped layout with 4 x 10 on one side and 4 x 6 on the other. I like how you have the pit lanes for cars not in use. This was a thought I had also, but wasn't sure it was possible. I also run Scalextric Digital.

    Thanks for the Post!



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      very nice,love the lane changes


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        Hi Rod,

        Been unable to find a link to your pictures? Have you gat an update to your slat car track?



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          I'll try to find that photo and repost. fotopic, whom I used for so many years to host images, was acquired and done away with by someone else.


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            If you upload them to your SCI gallery, they'll never go away so long as SCI is here.


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              same size i'm about to fill! would love to see your layout.