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Carrera Barber Motorsports Park Layout

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  • Carrera Barber Motorsports Park Layout

    I always thought Barber Motorsports Park would make for a cool slot track layout. I was fooling around with Track Planner one day and came up with this layout. It is very close to the actual track, but will require quite a lot of space to build.

    Hopefully you can open the attachment. I can't figure out how to place pictures into the body of a post. I'm new to this forum.

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    Welcome to SCI. Do you have room for that monster? Looks like a great track.


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      I does look like a hoot to drive. In that configuration, you could swap out a few inside and outside curves and go four lanes. Like Doc said, it would take some room. There is also quite a bit of scenery area there too, and potential for some elevation changes. Keep us in the loop. I'd like to see this one built. It will be a bugger to marshall being that wide but still a cool circuit.


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        I only wish I had room to build it. As far as marshaling it, if you cut the corners off on the table wherever possible, I don't believe it would be that hard to reach. You would definitely need to marshal from about 4 points though.

        As for going 4 doesn't work out. I already tried it. The problem is with the 15 degree curves. You can only make a 15 degree curve in Carrera with a 4/15 track section. Unfortunately there are no 15 degree radiuses for the #2 and #3 curves.


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          Oh, man, that would make an awesome club track! Might need one or two interior access points for marshals. Makes me want to build a big shed out back...

          Welcome to SCI!



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            That is a layout, ever consider doing a routed wood track. Geno


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              Thanks to all for the positive comments.

              Geno, I would love to do this track in wood if I only had the space. It would be quite a lot of wood I dare say. The nice thing is it could be done in 4 lanes since you wouldn't have the restrictions on the curve selection you have with plastic.