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Rush Hour Speedway

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  • Rush Hour Speedway

    After getting the slot car bug over Christmas this is what I built over the last two months.

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    Here are some pics


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      That is a cool layout Lots going on,fits the name
      Any chance for photos ? I would be interested in how you are doing supports.
      Keep us updated.
      Scenery plans?


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        I'm trying to stick with the theme while making scenery items. I commute 50 miles one way to work on some fun interstate highways. I then spend a great deal of time driving all over the Midwest to client locations. This all adds up to a lot of time on the road while experiencing some of our unique interstate bridges and exit and entrance ramps. What Iíve seen was morphed into Rush Hour Speedway.

        New additions (Billboards & Interstate signs) that Iíve been too busy post are below.

        Stay tuned for more.


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          Originally posted by 2FER SLOTS View Post
          I would be interested in how you are doing supports.
          Looks like Rokenbok!!



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            Yes, those are Rokenbok beams, plates and other various pieces used for track support, light poles and garage.

            Never intended to use them at first. I just sort of happened to re-discover these in the kids play room and started to experiement with them. That led to a purchase of more rokenbok and then the application to the layout in the pictures. I'm slowly in the process of painting all the track supports and light poles metalic silver.


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              Lookin' good
              That's the fantasy isn't it....driving a race car on the highway.
              I wonder why I didn't see the pictures when I first posted
              Keep on having fun.


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                Iíve been experimenting with putting up some guardrails around the track. I like the SCX borders but not all over a layout like this where I have track pieces running closely next to each other and over and under each other. Plus thereís that whole issue with inner borders on curves (ie. there arenít any produced for SCXd).

                So Iím working with some Scalextric Sport and some SCX analog guardrails.

                Scalextric Sport worked great for the track pieces on the table but no so well for elevated track pieces, so all Scalextric pieces ended up attached to the track on the table. They required no painting so that was another plus.

                The SCX analog pieces are red and that wasnít something I wanted in my layout and they didnít attach to the track without some modification. After making a few cuts on each rail to remove some unwanted plastic then some cleaning with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol to help remove some of their paint resistance, which they seem to have a lot of. I gave them a couple of coats of Krylon Primer. Then I followed that up with a couple of coats of Krylon Metallic Silver followed by two coats of clear coat.

                Rail then had to be attached to elevated track pieces with some hot glue


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                  Here's what my Pit lane was looking like before.

                  I'm currently working on painting these, might try to get some sponsor logos on them as well.


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                    This spot is proving to be a little of a challenge. The orientation of the curves and the fact that they are elevated makes it difficult to transition barriers here. I'm thinking of trying some poly sty sheets here to help cars 'drift' through this spot.

                    Made a pattern out of cardboard then cut some poly sty sheet to size.

                    added some posts to insert into SCX track holes on side of track and then some black primer. I'm going to try and add some white and red strips to complete the look.

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