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help with 8x12 L shaped Carrera track

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  • help with 8x12 L shaped Carrera track

    would like to build a track using an 8x12 L shaped space. the only
    thing i would really is to have a standard banked curve incoporated somewhere. any an all suggestions appreciated.

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    You can take a look in my gallery, my track layout is there with pictures, it's 9'X12' L shape on 5' wide tables, not that is a great layout or anything it's just what worked best for me, maybe it'll give you some ideas.
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      8x12 "l"

      I also have an 8x12 layout in L shape. Mine has been changing lately trying to get it just right for me. But my gallery has some pictures that may help as well, when I first got started here, it was very hard to find "any" 8x12 L layouts. Mine is also D143 Carrera. Hope it helps even a little.



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        Thanks JT I am getting some good ideas from your gallery. Unfortunately
        all plans are on hold due to a sink hole problem with my home.
        Man, you do not realize how much you miss it until you have to take it down.


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          I am glad they help.


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            what size carrera track?


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              1/32 scale


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                at 132 scale, won't it be pretty tight, or kinda small in a 8x12 layout? The wife picked a 132 digital lane change on accident one day, and geesh they are huge. That is one of the reason I chose d143, so I could have some digital options and get more into a smaller space. I like 132, way more options and cars, but way too large for my puny budget and space requirements. I have been very happy with d143, have not raced in a couple weeks though, have been making/doing power taps and trying to get power even thru-out track. Which has been dragging on, but I kinda have other things going on as well that take away from my slots, but we will get there!! I just know it!!