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carerra go!!! 3x7 layout

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  • carerra go!!! 3x7 layout

    hey guys, i've just got a carrera go set, thinking about building a perminant course, don't want too many 180 turns in it though, maybe a cross over, i know 3x7 isnt a big space but it's only my 1st track... Any help is appreciated

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    I fit my son's layout into just over that size (3.5x7). I don't have a plan, but here's a video. It was made using the Batman set plus an expansion set that had flat and banked 45 degree turns plus some straights.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Son's Carrera Go!! Track in his room[/ame]


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      i prefer a flatter layout, no loops or banked curves, but i like the idea of an overpass and elevations, looking to run the carrera dtm series cars, slightly modified so the shell sits lower to the ground, i don't mind edging out a little if i have to so maybe go up to 3.5 maybe even out to 4 at a push...


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        You could easily do the same layout without the silly pieces. The inside would have to be a little shorter, though.


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          looking for more of an open track, slight elivations, ideal for both grip and drift racing, so i think a overpass is out, but i will be building a few layouts over time...


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            Not the same size

            you can take a look at my track in my album. It is Carrera D143, same size as Go!!!. Mine is also a larger area(8x12 L shape). I know it is nothing like what your looking for, but may help with idea's. It has changed a few times and is different now, I have not updated the album recently with the new changes. I plan to when done with changes though, maybe after this weekend.


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              here is a 4X8 sheet