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Any Ideas 6X21 2 lane

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  • Any Ideas 6X21 2 lane

    House was built in 1840s and the basement is dry but not enough for MDF. Bought 7 plastic 3x6 buffet tables on sale @K/Mt and will join them with screws and level the deal. I have enough Carrera for 100 feet+4 lanes so that's not a problem. Really don't want any crossovers but one might be ok. I remember a Carrera track program being out there but that's been years. Going to be a winter project so there's no big rush. Just looking for any ideas. Thanks Mark

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    Mark Give me a call or email 877-318-7144 I'll see what I can do for you!
    [email protected]



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      Thanks Tony! Mark


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        Here is my Carrera track on a 6 x 13.5 foot table. The table is 4 hollow core doors.

        The lanes are about 82 and 84 feet. The tracks are nested to maximize the lane length on the table size.

        Next winter I'll be doing a bigger table like yours, going to use all large radii curves and make that layout a bit more flowing.

        How do you like your tracks to be, more flowing or tighter to maximize lane length.