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MID BC - new track build

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  • MID BC - new track build

    Well it’s time to start building a new track. My old track Quail Ridge Speedway I had since 2008 moved in September to its new home in Rafael’s garage here in Kelowna.

    The link to the move I documented in this thread:

    Need a logo before we get started right?!

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    MID BC is going to be located in my home so the track and table needs to look good and looking like a piece of furniture or else my manager (wife!) will not be too happy! I’m not too shabby with wood, I can build a garage track, a shed, basement development….. but a track in my home I needed help and advice… came local racer Richard H. Richard is an Architect and in between designing beautiful homes I was lucky enough to get his help, designing skills, his garage plus his labor……how lucky!

    Last weekend’s goal was to build the trusses for the table frame. The trusses are strong but yet light, each truss was calculated between 20 to 30 pounds. All the trusses were basically made from 1x4s cut in half into 1x2’s. I went through a lot of 1x4s at Home Depot and found some really nice straight pieces……a lot of bad 1x4s was chucked into the back of the pile.

    The Goal:

    Cutting and building the trusses in Richard’ garage:

    After the trusses were built we laid out the trusses in order to build gusset plates for the attachment points. All trusses and gussets were laid out properly with clamps in order to be square and predrilled with 1/4 inch holes as 3 inch nuts and bolts was to be used for easy assembly at my house.


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      Yesterday I laid out the frame at home on the floor and attached the bottom and top gusset plates with 3” nuts and bolts. I am short 15 bolts I thought 100 would have been enough but obviously not!


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        Time lapse video showing last weekends construction and yesterday's assembly.




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          Last weekend we tackled the largest 49” wide piece for the tabletop. A sheet and a half was needed with a wide 4 foot radius for the end of the straight and a two foot radius at the other end.

          Piece #5 was the objective

          Many cuts to be able to curve the framework

          Glue and clamps to make rigid

          Start of the framework all glued and screwed. The 1x4 on the left is to attach the next sheet.

          Sheets of 1/8” door skin cut into strips are very easy to bend and glue onto the curved framework. Three layers of door skin overlapping each other creates a very strong like 3/8” sheet of plywood that is curved and because it is standing on end very rigid for outside support

          All piece out of five! This framework will face up and be the attach points for the track and risers for the elevations


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            Nice work! Looking forward to watching this build.


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              Thanks Steve....more pics to come.

              Continued with the MID BC table build the past weekend Friday and Saturday. Five 49" wide tops were completed in various lengths up to 11 1/2 feet for the deepest portion of the table.

              Drove the completed table tops home. Lucky the weather held up and there was no rain!

              Installed 1x4s on top of the framework for mount points plus installed 1/4" MDF on top of the 1/2" gussets to match the height of the framework and to clear the bolt heads.

              Table tops all mounted, need to build some nice struts underneath for the curvy parts. But it is very solid everywhere else.

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                Time Lapse Video summing up the past weekend in a minute twenty four seconds. It was so busy!




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                  The week before Christmas I had some time after work to design and cut out the roadway. This week it's been too hectic to do anything with work and Christmas in the mix!
                  I really hope to do some work this week.....after work yesterday I was hoping to continue but I was totally sleep deprived and kept nodding off whether I was sitting or walking!

                  The next step!

                  Pictures of last weeks work I managed to make some time for.
                  Drawing the roadway with Luf's strip

                  Increasing Radius Corner over the bridge

                  Decreasing Radius Corner sloping downwards

                  The right side of the straight has a large 4 foot radius corner after the long straight that will be banked.

                  The S's!

                  Lucky the weather is still very mild (fishing weather!)

                  Roadway finished for now. Left a small section in the middle to cut out later. Once I route the slots and create the elevation changes, I will measure the new roadway piece as the elevations will create new measurements to connect the two ends of the roadway.

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                    Very impressive. Definitely one to watch.


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                      This past weekend I had some time to route. My shop vacuum was outdoors and I duct taped the long 2 1/2" hose to the router plus I sealed the rest of the router with duct tape. No dust at all.

                      Routing the center lane with the Routing Fence.

                      Sintra in the center slot to route the two outside lanes. Thanks F1Fan for the extra long piece of Sintra.

                      Finished the three lanes

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                        Great job Rob. Track is really taking shape.


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                          It's been a busy week of firming up MID BC's elevations. I wanted a quick way to experiment with various elevations so I made a series of riser blocks (35 blocks actually!) varying in increments of an inch. If I wanted to try something out.... I grabbed a different set of blocks. I secured the riser blocks in the end ( after three days of using levels and straight edges of various lengths!) and quickly made modifications with my table saw for any banking and odd sizes in between.

                          Riser Blocks

                          Risers going into place.....seriously I must of done this 20 times.....then stood and stared at the track for a half hour trying to visualize!

                          Once I found the track elevations I liked, I added extra supports in between my main risers. This is where the table saw came in very handy to get the exact cut I needed. Various lengths of straight edges and levels helped me ensure the roadway was smooth where I wanted it to be. This part took me the most time as I was looking for any potential problems such as a rise before a change in direction that would cause cars to come off unexpectedly. The devil is in the details!! Mind you we all like various types of roadways....just going by what I like!

                          Nice and straight! I did find a slight hump before the corner but I straightened it!

                          I needed a drink after building and inspecting how every riser affected the roadway!


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                            Next up this week is securing the roadway to the risers, bondo, and painting the slots / roadway.

                            Here's a pretend lap!

                            At the end of the main straight is a sweeping 4 foot radius corner that is banked 15 degrees.

                            The cars then travel along a short 8 foot straight until they reach my version of a corkscrew. A decreasing radius corner that drops rapidly and changes direction. The elevation change is 6 inches in four feet.

                            From under the bridge the cars encounter an eleven foot S as they travel uphill.

                            Series of S's of various decreasing / increasing dimensions. The first curve is slightly banked and the last two curves are level.

                            The bridge is a increasing radius curve that is tight in the beginning but very broad at the end allowing the cars to really speed up (all of this is what I'm hoping for!!)

                            The cars go into the second longest straight that has a three inch rise. Smooth and gradual enough to hopefully not go airborne....I think I got it right!

                            The straight leads into a tight 4 foot diameter corner. Should see some good side by side action barreling into this corner and afterwards leads to the next long straight with the banked corner


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                              Veeeeeeery Nice.