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MID BC - new track build

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    Go have a few


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      A quick 1:22 minute video of the roadway build for MID BC.



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        The track

        Your track is really beautiful. So much work and dedication...keep it up. I wish I had the talent to do this kind of build... and the patience

        Canít wait to see it wishes.



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          Truly an impressive build and quite the craftsmanship!


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            I had some time to work on the electrical side of the track build.

            My sensors came in....I had to remove the connector and move it to the other side of the circuit board and solder the wires onto the newly moved connector so I would have more room for the 3/8" mdf so the sensor would sit flush with the track surface. On a couple sensors also removed the connector cleaned out the pads but soldered the wire direct onto the circuit board as well which also works

            Left sensor is the non modified sensor. The Right side is a sensor that has the connector moved to the bottom.

            Routed the slots for the sensor to sit snug inside

            Sensors are held in place with straps. No movement in the sensors.

            Copper taped and installed power taps in three locations on the track about 30 feet apart. I measured the track and it is 87 feet long.
            I used the ol trench and solder method.

            Drivers Stations all built. Standard three prong, 25 ohm brake pot, track call momentary button, and power indicator LED.

            I decided to have all the cabling and electronics in one central cabinet. Will be a lot cleaner this way and no visitors kids yanking on wires or anything else!

            The cabinet will house my terminal blocks for driver stations / track power, auxiliary 12v power supply for the Omron track call relays, Race Coordinator USB Arduino Uno board and Schneider Electric Solid State master power relay. The three Omron track call relays shut down power to individual lane for the purpose of a timed penalty. You crash, press your driver station track call button......the Omron timer relay shuts off the power to your lane for a pre-determined number of seconds as the rest of the race continues. The penalty time is adjusted on the front dial on the Omron Relay. The Schneider Electric Solid State Relay controls the power to the entire track for the purposes of end of race heat power off or when the race is paused.

            When the track has power the Voltmeter on the front of the cabinet displays the voltage. I might need to install a fan but so far no heat. I will monitor.

            So that's where I am at now! Track runs great by the way! Now I need to stop driving and build the skin around the track and bottom frame.


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              Rob, this whole track is just one big work of art! Quite an incredible job.



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                A thing of beauty.


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                  AMAZING job!!!



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                    Beautiful track. Well done!


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                      Update on what has been accomplished.

                      Installed all the blocking for attach points under the roadway for the flexible plywood. A little tedious with a level / gluing and clamping.

                      I cut strips of plywood, temporarily attached, and then marked the cut line 1.5" to 2" above the roadway during the process. Plywood was attached with wood glue and fine nails. I will punch in the nails and then fill the nail holes later so I can paint.

                      Drivers stations plus a small 6" deep shelf underneath for cars, tape, and tools.

                      Vintage Le Mans Pit lane by GP Miniatures, I will try to go with a retro Le Mans "look".

                      Shelf built for my power supply and PC plus sliding keyboard tray. Nice to have everything off the floor not just for cleaning but for the ease to push the track away from the wall as I'm working.

                      That's where I'm at!


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                        That is an outstanding track!


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                          Hi cgyracer,
                          I was reading through your great build. I love all the detail in the framing and table. One very cool thing popped out to me that I could use on my track and I was hoping you could give me a little more detail on them.

                          The controller holders you have look great and I think they will match my track perfectly. I went with a stainless steel table surround for my track. Can I ask how you made them and for some closer pictures of them? I'd like to make a pair myself.

                          Thank you and again great work!


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                            Great post to follow, track looks wonderful and I love the Le Mans style Pit boxes.


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                              Sorry for the post' I got mixed up. My post did come though. Still having to log in a few times. But seems to be better.

                              Back to your track. Killer work. The wood veneer looks great. What color stain' or just a clear coat.
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                                Rob, that is just fantastic! You have done something special here: would so love to see it in real life.

                                Where is a "bowing down in admiration" emoji when you need one??!!!