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    I am in the process of buildling a landscaped layout using Scalextric track. I would like the track to look like it is in the scenery rather than sitting on top of the scenery. My question is can I run the plaster right up to the track or does it move too much for that? My layout is in a basement so the temperature is pretty stable. My thought was to put paper tape on the track and plaster right against it. Tearing off the tape after would leave me with plaster right against but not actually on the track. Is this a reasonable idea?

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    Yes. Plaster is heavy. Try not to use a lot.


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      For mountian and other type area tape off the track and you can use a spray foam insulation. Or aluminum window screen and paper mache.

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        You can use foam board of the same thickness as the track and use the actual track as a cutting template & use a razor utility type knife to cut the foam board to fit right up against the track. I use plaster for rocks & in rock molds but general terrain is aluminum/fiberglass screen and paper mache. Cheap drywall mud... Walmart has large off brand buckets for $5 & you can thin it a bit with water & works great for paper mache. Aluminum screen holds a shape better than fiberglass so I use mostly aluminum but in some places where you want a material that lays smooth, fiberglass is good.