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    I was browsing the internet, looking to add diecast vehicles for my TOMY layout (1/64 scale) when I came across a shop in the UK selling 1/70th scale cars and trucks. Has anybody experienced how the sizes compare to the slot cars? Are the sizes close enough to be believable?

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    HO slot cars are not made to any consistent scale, the bodies are made to fit a standard chassis that might have holes for two different wheelbases. Few HO cars are as large as 1/64th scale, if they were they would hardly fit on regular set type plastic track. When I programmed the software for my track I picked 1/72nd as the scale. The original Aurora HO cars were 1/76th scale while HO trains are 1/87th scale. I would say that 1/70th is close enough.


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      I usually pick 1/64 diecast, cheap and plentiful for things like Indycars, because model train 1/87 is just too tiny. But I have some gifts that are terribly out of scale, as my family seems to love me but cannot be made to understand scale. So I have a BMW Isetta that is nearly as tall as the British double decker bus I was also given. And if these cars make it across the pond I certainly should proudly display them. Except for my precious 1/43 Paul's Model Art Porsche 911, that is mint in box with original price sticker in Euros. Someone must love me, those things are not cheap!


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        Hi all. I think the original Triang trains were 1/72nd or OO scale but ran on HO track. Regards Chas Le Breton