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Printer Transparency Film for Barriers?

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    Originally posted by tbuck View Post
    After further review, the film is a whole lot more expensive than cardstock, so I am thinking about going that way. But does it bend without creasing and is it strong enough to stop a flying car?...LOL. And what weight cardstock? I think there is a compromise between bending ability and strength.
    I use foam core board as the base, and print out the banners on paper. Then Elmer's spray glue to attach. It may not be perfect, but it works pretty well, and doesn't look terrible in my less-than-brightly-lit basement :-). The foam core can be bent without extreme wrinkling (and all of that only on the inside of the bend), and the paper logo banner hides it.

    The decorated foam core barrier is then held in pace with hot glue. Unfortunately, I can tell you that they withstand flying cars only too well....
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      I used precut styrene strips & if you're not trying to fit them to a standard clip like Carrera, they'd work fine. But height & thickness have to be exact, at least with Carrera clips. that's why I just made stickers and put them right on the out of the box Carrera.


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