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Miraculous Transformation (new type of rail/braid treatment)

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  • Miraculous Transformation (new type of rail/braid treatment)

    Hello, everyone. I'm glad you took a minute or two to read this post. I've mentioned this in some other threads on SCI, as well as here and there around the Internet, and I thought it was high time I told the whole story. It also seemed appropriate that I started a thread specifically about it so that I don't deslot other threads every time I mention it. From now on, when I mention it, I'll link to this thread and leave the other one alone.

    I'll cut to the chase for those who are short on time. Go to and buy THIS PRODUCT, and apply it lightly to the rails on your track. Less is more, so don't over do it. Wipe it all off with a rag, and then marvel at how smooth your cars drive, and how power delivery and response, even/especially for digital systems, are absolutely pristine. And the best part is, you'll barely ever have to clean the rails again. If you don't believe me, keep reading.

    (scroll down for video, followed by testimonials)

    For those with extra time to spend reading, here's the whole story...

    I've been a mostly happy Scalextric Sport Digital racer for well over a year now. As most of us know, plastic tracks are notorious for continuity problems (hence power taps) and power delivery (hence track cleaning). Those issues are especially important for digital tracks where poor conduction can cause stuttering cars, massive power drops, and even loss of car ID and other problems.

    No matter how well I thought I cleaned my track, those problems would come back. It was only a matter of time, sometimes less than an hour. I've tried everything everyone has ever mentioned: wet/dry rag wipe down, alcohol wipes, WD-40, electrical contact cleaner, you name it. They all worked fine for a little while, but none of them came close to what INOX has done for my track. I used to think that electrical contact cleaner was the best option, but that was until my old can ran out, and I had to buy the stuff that's legal to sell since various restrictions were put in place several years ago. The new stuff isn't nearly as good, and I could watch the lap times increase only minutes after "cleaning" the track.

    I had seen mention of INOX over the years here and there. Mostly elsewhere because as I discovered, it's not well known here in the states. Maybe because it's made in Australia and hard to get even if you know what to look for. Those who knew of it always had good things to say, but since I had tried so many things, I figured their praise was too good to be true. Well, it wasn't.

    Let me tell you a little story about what happened when my bottle of INOX arrived. I opened the package I got, and took out the bottle which came with an "injection" needle taped to the side. I put the needle on and set it aside while I did other stuff. I should have gone straight to the track, but I did that soon enough.

    In my garage, I decided to do a little test. At the time I had an oval on the table with parabolic curves for testing purposes. Pace cars can go pretty fast if I need them to, but I wanted a higher lap time so I could more easily see a real difference. First, I set car 1 as a pacer running at a whopping 20 (out of 63 steps). I ran the car around at 20 with no changes to the rails at all, and the car (in this case a fresh out of the box blue Lambo Gallardo, stock tires that have been lightly sanded, magnet still in place) was getting lap times in the high 4s range, in some cases breaking into the 5.0xx area. I let it run a couple dozen laps like this just to make sure it was a fair average.

    Then, rather than going right to the rail treatment, I did what someone told me they do to "top off" the treatment. I put one drop of INOX on each braid, and put the car back on the track. My jaw almost dropped a little each time the car passed the line with anther tenth of a second shaved off the time. Every lap the car got faster and faster until it was averaging in the low 4s.

    I knew that INOX was doing a great job, but decided to really see what it could do. I took a few Q-tips and went around the track a few pieces at a time. I soaked the Q-tip in INOX, then ran it along just the rails of each lane. Of course, the cotton got quite dirty. I usually ran back and forth on each rail a couple times to make sure each rail was well covered with INOX. By the way, the smell of INOX is inoffensive, even pleasant in a way. Once I finished applying it to the whole track, I got a paper towel and wiped up the excess around the whole track. As you can imagine, the paper towel was black in spots all over as I turned it and re-folded it to continue cleaning the track.

    (Learn a great way to apply INOX to the rails that I came up with later!)

    All the excess removed, the moment of truth had arrived. Making no changes to the PB settings or the car, not even cleaning the tires, I pushed it past the line to get it going, and I could see and hear that it was much faster than before. My thoughts were verified with the first crossing of the line, almost a full second faster! No kidding. With another full lap, a "flying lap" as they say, it was averaging in the very low 3s, like 3.2 and 3.25 and such. the inside lane brought it right down to 3.0xx, and even a sub-3.0 lap happened. Again, I made NO CHANGES to the car, or the track, or the settings in the power base. The speed increase was entirely due to the INOX treatment.

    The rails are nearly frictionless. I don't know about you guys, but with a perfectly clean track, I can feel and hear the braid's friction on the rails as I push a car around the track. Not so with the INOX treatment. As a result, the cars are that much more quiet when running, and the power delivery from the rails to the car is flawless. This is what I imagine a fresh laying of copper tape would be like.

    Another testimony can be made of when the PSSRA guys came over to my house for a night of digital racing. These guys have been racing for years and years, decades even. They know instantly when a car they are driving is losing power even for a moment. Unpowered lane change flippers aside, no one ever even hinted at power issues on my track.

    Before the INOX treatment, I had cars stuttering around, losing power at all the wrong places, and just being un-fun to drive. After INOX, it's as if those issues had never happened. This is how slot cars should perform whether they are digital or analog, and now my digital cars run on my plastic track as smoothly as analog cars on a routed wood track with copper tape.

    As has been mentioned in other posts, INOX is a lubricant and is NON-conductive. How, then, does it enhance conductivity? Well to be honest, it doesn't make a ton of sense to me, either. It does so, in spite of logic. I wish I could find the article I read that explains why a dielectric grease works, but it has something to do with the microscopic texture of the metals being connected, and the grease protecting that connection, keeping the air and moisture out. There are several things on the market that will work well for track-to-track connections. The advantage of INOX is that it's thin enough to use capillary action to get into track joints. INOX is also much easier to apply to the rails and braids. INOX in particular is all natural and non-toxic. It's even kosher!

    Honestly, if this stuff was bottled and sold to hobby shops as a rail treatment like Rail-zip or something, I wouldn't even be posting this message. It would also kick the pants out of Rail-Zip because results are instant, with no need to let it set in or anything like that. Wipe on, wipe off, enjoy for the next 3 months+.

    Ok, so yeah, that was long. If you made it this far, then you are really an avid reader, or have been dissatisfied by your track's performance. If the latter, then you owe it to yourself and your track to get a bottle and give it a try.

    Oh, and to head off at least one question, I haven't noticed ANY traction issues on my track. I race with magnets, and magless, with stock rubber, urethane and silicone tires. They all perform just as well as they always have, and even after a fresh application of INOX and drifting around with a magless car, there are no issues that I've seen. Just remember not to overdo it, and to wipe off all excess with something absorbent.

    All right, then... any questions?

    Video Evidence

    Another user has made a video specifically to demonstrate the effects of INOX MX3 as a rail cleaner and braid conditioner. Check out this quick video showing how much cars will speed up with no other changes than a quick swipe of an INOX MX3 applicator (see link above)
    [ame=""]Inox MX3 Digital Slot car rail conditioner DEMO 1 - YouTube[/ame]

    Another demonstration video, this time using Carrera Digital. Although Carrera's stainless steel rails reduce the tendency of cars to stutter when the braids are dirty, and the rail does not oxidize like steel does, this video shows a clear benefit to INOX MX3 treatment, if only in improved lap times:
    [ame=""]Inox MX3 Slotcar test with Carrera Digital #1 from - YouTube[/ame]

    The following video was taken by another person who tried INOX for the first time to cure car stuttering on his digital track. Watch how an unpredictable car becomes smoother and more reliable with just one application to the braids:
    [ame=""]No Frills Slotcar InoxMX3 Test - YouTube[/ame]


    Originally posted by Dubltap25 View Post
    HOLY @@#%...
    Originally posted by Dubltap25 View Post
    It just keeps getting better...
    Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post
    INOX worked amazing on my Digital track... and it appears to be an amazing product.
    Originally posted by slipstick View Post
    absolutely great stuff period... the greatest single boost of power & conductivity I've experienced among everything I've tried... Bye-bye voodo juice.
    Originally posted by boopiejones View Post
    this stuff is amazing!
    Originally posted by JJJ View Post
    Miraculous? That's the word I'd use!
    Originally posted by mfogg View Post
    INOX works.... This definitely makes a difference.
    Originally posted by Sotvotkong View Post
    ...oh yea this stuff works.
    Originally posted by bibbster View Post
    lubed the braid on a few of my cars...Wow! Shaved off a whole second on one of them.
    Originally posted by jallis View Post
    I am very impressed with the improvements that my track as shown (Ninco)
    Originally posted by daze View Post
    i tore all my copper tape off start useing INOX, thing are great so far.
    Originally posted by JCZPT View Post
    what a difference...
    Originally posted by slapshot200 View Post
    I purchased some of this liquid miracle, and I am astounded at how well it works.
    Originally posted by Randy View Post
    Another double thumbs up for INOX... WOW! The first few test laps were horrible, crashing everywhere because the power was so good
    Originally posted by Sotvotkong View Post
    im one who removed copper tape and went with inox instead. all i can say is ill never look back.
    Originally posted by scrjon View Post
    Yes Inox works well with Carrera plastic track. Just tried it on my track in spots I had issues with and after 2 laps no more shudder
    Originally posted by daze View Post
    I took off all my copper tape, used inox cars are running GREAT.
    Originally posted by cudak9 View Post
    WOW, what a difference. I didn't think anything could be better than the copper tape... This product lives up to it's billing.
    Originally posted by boxter9899SC View Post
    INOX MX3 AWESOME Product!!.
    Originally posted by rixvette View Post
    ...Performance improves... cars 'seem to run better on this track.'
    Originally posted by myscalextric View Post
    - it is a "miraculous transformation".
    Originally posted by Lindsay View Post
    ...after reading about inox which is very common here, I have not had the power loss issues as I use too.
    Originally posted by vorpal View Post
    for an excellent product...
    Originally posted by rixvette View Post
    ...It improves everything that it touches.
    Originally posted by Lindsay View Post
    ...i can't rave enough how the conductivity has been maintained on my own track... Inox is the only choice for me...
    Originally posted by Spraggih View Post
    The electricity issues were cleared out. It's great stuff. I recommend it!!
    Originally posted by boopiejones View Post
    ...instantly everything was perfect. smooth cars, easy lane changing
    Originally posted by Modlerbob View Post
    All I can say is WOW!
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    That is a great testimonial and I'm pleased it is working for you. My lone question is about how long you have used this.

    If it is non-conductive and an oil, I would think it would cause problems, not cure them. As you said, it doesn't make sense, but it does seem to work and work quite well. I'm running a copper topped track and even then I find it has a dirt build up on the copper. If this will help remove this crud, I'd be quite interested in it.

    Keep us posted on this as it sounds quite promising.



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      Very good question. I have only been using it for a couple months now. The people who told me about it (in Australia) have been using it for 2+ years. The most cleaning they ever do is a quick wipe down with a cloth or something if the track is especially dusty. If the track seems like it needs some more INOX, a drop on each braid of a car and running that around a few laps bring it back to top shape again. These are uncovered plastic tracks in garages and such. I don't know of any people using it on routed track yet, but I'm sure it would still work really well as a braid conditioner. Here's the product description from Amazon, and more can be found at

      INOX contains no silicon, acid, kerosene or dieselene. INOX will not harm metal points or surfaces, plastics, paints, enamels, fibreglass, formica or neoprene seals. INOX doesn't dry out, gum up, become gooey or sticky or wash off with water ! INOX is non- conductive, non-static, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-staining. APPROVALS FOOD GRADE AUSTRALIA: Instrument of Approval is freely available on request. NEW ZEALAND: NZFSA Approved C 12 (All animal product except dairy) N.B. Copies of Food Grade Approvals can be downloaded from the INOX-mx3 MSDS page. They can also be faxed or posted directly to the recipiant from Candan Industries Pty Ltd. N. A. T. O. Defence Manufacturers Code No. Z5594/5 (R. A. N. App.) INOX-mx3 is available in 6 sizes: 100 & 300 g Aerosol, 125 ml Pump Pack (unpressurised), 5, 20 & 205 litre Containers. A 500 ml spray applicator comes with each 5 & 20 litre and 6 applicators with the 205 litre. Screw in taps are supplied with each 20 & 205 litre container. CAUTION: INOX MAY EFFECT SOME NATURAL RUBBER PRODUCTS WITH CONTINUAL LONG TERM USE (REFER TO LANOX) INOX® QUALITY PRODUCTS "There is no substitute for Quality"
      On another note, I'm realizing that my passion may be coming on a bit strong. Some might think me a shill for the company or something. I do not have any connection whatsoever with the product or company. Heck, they're in Australia, and I'm in Washington state. They don't even market this stuff to slot car people (their mistake). It's just that I'm the kind of guy that wants to spread the joy of products that I truly believe in and enjoy the use of myself. If the stuff were expensive I'd mail it to people to try out so they didn't have to buy it, but it's cheap by comparison to other rail or braid treatments.

      Like I said, anyone who is not 100% happy with their track performance should at least give it a try. Worst case scenario is that I'm exaggerating and you have an inexpensive bottle of bearing lube.


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        if your current day job doesn't work out, you definitely have a future as an infomercial guy.

        seriously though, that was a very informative post and i think i am going to check it out. i like the fact that it claims to inhibit corrosion. i have a wood track with copper tape, and we occasionally get a reddish buildup on our silicone tires. it seems like the general consensus is that the buildup is caused by copper corrosion, which makes sense as the buildup seems to be worse in the winter.

        it slices, it dices...


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          LOL! Yeah, I get told that every time I get excited about something and gush about it. It doesn't help that I have a passing resemblance the the late, great Billy Mays, although a bit heavier.

          I do know of someone thinking of trying it on his copper taped wood track, but since I haven't heard anything about that yet, I can't speak to it. The only concern we had about copper tape is that it's *possible* that the INOX could have some effect on the adhesive holding the tape on the track. It's also possible that, if used to excess, it might react with the paint/coat or absorb into the wood. I think all of those concerns would be moot as long as you apply it very sparingly, such as with a cotton swab or other way to clean the tape without putting the INOX directly onto the track/tape. If and when I get feedback from someone who tries it on a wood track I'll post about it here. I sure hope it works as well for copper on wood as it does for steel in plastic.


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            I know you said in the other thread that it's made for digital track, but do you think it would work with Tyco track? I have a small 3x8 setup for my son. I cleaned it with a household cleaner then with WD-40. There are parts where the cars slow down. I have one wall wart per lane. So power is definitely not an issue. Maybe this stuff will help?


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              It's not "made" for track at all, it just happens to have a remarkable effect. I can't see why it wouldn't have the same effect for HO track as it does for Scalextric/Ninco/etc. I have a Scalextric Micro set, but no AFX/Aurora/Tyco. It's not having any problems (last time I had it out), but I can break it out and see what happens if you want. Might be a while before I have a chance, though. It might be trickier to get it on the rails without getting it on the plastic, too, but I can probably come up with something.


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                if i bought some, i doubt i'd treat the track rails with it. i'd probably just use it like braid juice and see if the red residue diminishes over time. slap chop!


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                  It's great even if you use it just as a braid conditioner.

                  Oxy Clean!


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                    Sham WOW!!!!


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                      No, no, wrong guy. Slap Chop and Sham Wow are that woman beating felon dude. Billy Mays was Oxy Clean. I won't have you guys sullying the name of the Late Great Billy mays with your incorrect product references! :P

                      That said, I also use Sham Wow for the cleaning pads on my powered driver stations.


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                        I wasn't going for the Billy Mays ref. With my excitement I just couldn't find another infomercial product that truely says it all. I guess I could have gone with INCREDIBALLS( the dryer softener things) but it just didn't feel right.


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                          Back on topic...

                          I decided to take out the other track types I have, Carrera Go! and Scalextric Micro. I didn't do the "full treatment" on either, but used the "braid conditioner" method. Not surprisingly, both sets drove better and smoother with a little INOX on the braids. Scalextric Micro uses braids, but I believe that the track is more or less the same as other HO track. I don't have any HO cars with standard "sprung blade" pickups, but I remember when I was a kid how I would always be wiping off the pickups of my AFX cars to make them work better. Knowing how INOX works on rails (Scalextric and Carrera GO!), I'm 100% confident that it can help HO cars. I'm thinking a drop or two on a q-tip, then wipe that over the pickups on the car, and it will work way better. Figure out a way to get it on the rails without getting it all over the track as well, and I bet it would make a bad track into a pleasure again.


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                            Ordered a bottle today for my Carrera D124/132 track. I'll report back once I've had a chance to test it.


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                              Cool. Even if you didn't have stuttering cars, I'm sure the smoothness will increase, if not the speed as well. I look forward to your report.