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Overlook Raceway Park

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  • Overlook Raceway Park

    I have been working on a Scalextric track (combination classic and sport track) for a few years now and just got around to putting copper tape on one of the lanes. Makes a big, positive difference for my slot cars. I will tape the other lane this weekend. As you can see in the photos, I still have lots of scenery work to do.

    Under the bridge

    West loop, under the bridge, up the hill, over the bridge.

    Bridge approach.

    Looking east from the west end loop.

    Pit row.

    Deconstruction work on the east end banked corner.

    Backside of pit row, chicane, back straight.

    I'll post more photos as I get more work done. Good fun so far.

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    Great track, great scenery!


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      I like the construction corner. I was looking at some construction equipment today at the hobby shop.


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        Wow, love the scenery! Great looking track!


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          Very nice work. The track design looks "right for racing"


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            Wow!!! Super scenery job!!!


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              Great work!


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                Good job on your track
                I really like your pond!


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                  Thanks for sharing, I was thinking of a water feature and cliffs in my new track and your pics have provided some good ideas



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                    looks really good love the rocks ,Ron


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                      Overlook Raceway Park Update

                      Over the past few months I have been working on scenery and buildings for my slot car track. Next I need to populate the track and work on getting more cars race-ready. Here are a few photos:

                      Trans-am Mustang and Camaro speeding past the Scalextric grandstand, under the new scratch-built pedestrian bridge that connects the pit and control tower building to the lower level tunnel to the spectator car parking area.

                      Mustang and Camaro passing under the pedestrian bridge and about to speed by the pits and control tower.

                      Old Lotus 30 exiting pit area.

                      Another view of the pedestrian bridge (without roof) and stairway down to tunnel that leads to parking lot.

                      Pedestrian bridge.

                      Trans-am Mustangs slowing to pass under bridge.

                      More photos to follow soon.


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                        Overlook Raceway Park Update 2

                        More photos of my basement slot track, Overlook Raceway Park:

                        Just passed under the bridge and now around the corner and up the hill leading to the main straight.

                        Speeding alongside the mountain steam after passing under the bridge. Curious bull moose could prove to be a huge hazard.

                        Racing towards the highest elevation of Overlook Raceway Park.

                        Almost at the high point of the racetrack, looks like the Mustang will scrape the Armco barrier.

                        The Camaro and Mustang drivers are probably going too fast to notice the billboard advertising upcoming historic Can-Am races at Overlook Raceway Park.

                        More photos coming soon.


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                          Overlook Raceway Park Update 3

                          More photos from my basement slot car track.

                          No. 17 is leading as they pass the Can-Am historic race billboard. The mountain goat has a good view of the whole racetrack from his perch.

                          Passing over the bridge and heading up the main straight towards the pits.

                          Just passed the grandstand and pit entrance and heading under the pedestrian bridge. We have a low sky today, some of our packing boxes are showing. Maybe a big sky renovation is in order.

                          Passing under the pedestrian bridge with the yellow Mustang still slightly in the lead.

                          Helicopter view of Mustang and Camaro passing under the new pedestrian bridge and past the pits.

                          The officials in the control tower enjoy big gulp drinks.

                          Still more photos to come soon.


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                            Overlook Raceway Park Update 4

                            More photos from my basement slot car track, Overlook Raceway Park:

                            Scratch-built pits with upper spectator area and control tower. Fuel tanks are on a sturdy stand behind the pits.

                            Maurice Carter has just passed the Scalextric grandstand in his Trans-Am Camaro.

                            Just after passing through the chicane behind the pits, the drivers want to make sure to avoid slamming into the cliff wall that supports the back straight above. I used tree bark to make the cliff wall because it looked like stone to me.

                            A lone spectator managed to get out onto the starter's perch before it is officially opened. We'll need to add some security so spectators don't fall over the rail during a race.

                            That's all for now. All comments, suggestions and questions are welcome. Next time there should be more people at the track and, hopefully, there will be more race cars too.


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                              Great looking track and nice pics. Very nice scale buildings and landscaping! Thanks for sharing. RvE