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lindy-slots 09-07-2015 03:25 PM

Barn Burners Slot Car Club
I wanted to take moment to let interested racers know that Barn Burners Slot Car Club (1:32) in Williamsburg VA is now the proud owner of two (!) VIASUE lap counters. System 1 was a custom build with sensors that we installed directly into our existing fully landscaped 90ft+ four lane track at the Barn. System 2 is a full up system with IR lightbridge that Paul and Sue built into a pair of Scalextric Sport straights for us. We will use this 'on the road' with our 14' x 21' landscaped model of Silverstone, and with other tracks (Daytona, Monza, etc.) that we set up from time to time during the year at hotels and other events. Both systems include a power relay and track call button.

We decided to build our own lightbridge for the Barn, and that caused us a bunch of headaches on our first race weekend. Bottom line: battery operated LEDs might not last for 4 hours of practice/tuning and 4 hours of racing. Suffice it to say that the lightbridge has been adapted to a AD/DC power supply now.

The support we got from Paul and Sue has been first-class all the way. They delivered both systems ahead of schedule, and then helped us (me) with debugging when our lightbridge problems started sending us comm errors in Race Coordinator.

The BBSCC racers (12 of us on our first race day at the Barn) were very pleased with the upgrade to the new system. A big thank you to Paul and Sue for a great product and great service.

tdady216 12-20-2015 08:29 AM

Yep, they are proud sponsors on "THOMPSON SPEEDWAY " an HO scale 4 lane with RR XING , also luv Race Coordinator. ....what a team:cheers:

Race Coordinator billboard

Keep it in the slot
Tdady216 :cool:

VIASUE 12-21-2015 09:02 AM

Thanks To Virginia's Barn Burners Slot Car Club's Post
Go Barn Burners .....! :cheers:
Thanks for the comps....y'all were a pleasure to work with. It's an honor that VIASUE and Race Coordinator made it onto your track's advertisers wall...very cool ..thanks for sharing the pics you posted as well....

Just like VIASUE & many others, you have a "need for speed and a way to prove it"..(our system :>) Hope y'all have a great time setting and breaking new, track, driver and car records !!

Paul & Sue of VIASUE
Owners of Viasue

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