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Lou E 11-28-2016 09:35 AM

Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place but I'm not able to log on to SCI from tapatalk, it keeps telling me to contact the forum administrator. Any suggestions?

chrisngreg 11-28-2016 09:39 AM

I'm also having the same issue

Lou E 11-30-2016 11:27 PM

Still having this issue, anyone looking into this? Does it have something to do with the whole checking of the type of browser when logging on?

I really enjoyed using tapatalk to upload pictures, it makes the process so easy.

Wet Coast Racer 12-01-2016 12:37 AM

It seems that Tapatalk, as well as Panjo, have been affected by recent site problems.

Please, for any questions or concerns, contact Alan; I don't suppose he'll be able to fix anything instantaneously (frankly, he needs assistance on the technical end right now, and it hasn't been forthcoming) but at least he'll be aware of individual's issues with the site.

Contact details are on all of his posts on SCI.

Lou E 12-02-2016 04:42 AM

I will do that in the future, thank you.

hippo 03-16-2017 10:18 PM

I found Tapatalk to be quite useful in viewing this site but looks like it's no longer supported.

Are there other apps that can be used to view this site?

Wet Coast Racer 03-16-2017 11:18 PM

I honestly don't know, I'm just a humble moderator.

So why don't you contact the Forum Administrator (see previous posts in this thread) and we'll all know. :)

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