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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic SCI Improvements!

    SCI Improvements!

    I try to be fair. I'll complain if something upsets me, but I also try to make sure I complement anybody who does a conspicuously good job.

    In the case of SCI, I've noticed that the recent reboot has fixed a long-standing issue with posting. That is, the text of posts now gets auto-saved...
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  • Slot_it_Bob
    started a topic Scp2 and Carrera Digital

    Scp2 and Carrera Digital

    So my friend use carrera digital.
    I want to purchase an SCP2 and carrera cartridge as I plan to go the oxigen route.
    Any issues I need to be aware of?
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic The Urge to Teach

    The Urge to Teach

    I noticed a long time ago that people have a natural tendency to teach. Given the opportunity, most people with skill and experience will willing share their knowledge with anyone who displays an interest in learning.

    While I don't think this is a uniquely human behavior, I do believe...
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  • wetspot
    started a topic question about ST

    question about ST

    How would you recommend keeping a ST6A on a stock revo slot rim running top speed?
    Thanks wet.
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  • RichD
    started a topic Fray Armatures Wanted

    Fray Armatures Wanted

    A fellow racer just asked me if I could spare a Fray/T-Jet SS type pancake armature, but I am out of those. The ones that I use have not been available for some time, so I looked over my list of bookmarks to see what else might be available. I already knew that Alan Galinko and Daniel Cardinale were...
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  • dwdirks
    started a topic Overlook Raceway Park

    Overlook Raceway Park

    I have been working on a Scalextric track (combination classic and sport track) for a few years now and just got around to putting copper tape on one of the lanes. Makes a big, positive difference for my slot cars. I will tape the other lane this weekend. As you can see in the photos, I still have lots...
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  • phnz up
    started a topic Decal Set Needed

    Decal Set Needed

    I just purchased one of the new Scalextric 1/32 Monte Carlo Aero Coupe in "white" and would like to finish it in the black #3 Goodwrench livery. Specifically the 88-89 version, preferably the one using the silver/chrome #3's. But if not available the white #3's will do. Does anyone know where...
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  • tredelijkheid
    started a topic Issues with 1/30 High banked curve

    Issues with 1/30 High banked curve

    Just purchased this set of 6 which resulted in quite a steep turn.

    My cars in the outer lane produce quite some noise but can make the turn fairly easy.
    The inner track is a real challenge. Either my cars go to slow and slide down.

    If I try to compensate this and speed...
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  • AndGoliath
    started a topic 2018-19 Season Stats

    2018-19 Season Stats

    The purpose of this thread is for the posting and discussion of the 2018-19 season statistics. I have pre-allocated the first few posts within the thread for the latest stats to make them easier to find, but I will also post in the race threads so the progress is captured.

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  • Wet Coast Racer
    started a topic Shanghai F1. 1000 races!

    Shanghai F1. 1000 races!

    Should be a good weekend's racing, we'll find out who's flat out fastest in a straight line I reckon.

    For trivia buffs, here's an F1 Quiz.

    Formula 1 reaches 1,000 races at the Chinese Grand Prix - take the BBC Sport quiz to see how many facts you can remember.
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  • bodies with paint defects on brand new cars

    I have been seeing an increase of bodies with paint defects on brand new cars recently. For example, i just got a carrera ferrari car with a scratch along the side. i looked at the wheels and braids and it looks new. I had several scalextric cars have paint defects recently as well.

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  • magnuts
    started a topic NC SS Racing

    NC SS Racing

    North Carolina Super Stock Racing...
    Round one, Saturday April 27th...Round Two, Saturday May 25th...SS and C4 cars on Joey Cassiba's 4'x12' Tomy track in Youngsville, NC. Track opens at 8am, with tech at 10:30am. Friday practice, contact Joey. Track pix and directions:
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  • T man
    started a topic No Magnet Racing at Ace Hobby

    No Magnet Racing at Ace Hobby

    Updates to Ace Hobby no magnet racing rules.
    022418 - Trans Am class rules added to "Friday Night Racing Rules". (3D printed chassis, & moveable pods.)

    Race Format (for Monday Night, no magnet Racing)
    - Odd numbered days of the month, the classes raced will...
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  • Hufo
    started a topic "Try to find the differences"

    "Try to find the differences"

    Hello Sci-ers,
    Last year in september, I'd the opportunity to drive a monoposto type car, based on a birthday present of my children and grandchildren.
    It all happened in France at La Ferté-Gaucher. During 12 minutes,I've driven a Formula Renault Campus. A wonderfull experience
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  • dangermouse
    started a topic WTB Carrera 1/24 Gold GT40

    WTB Carrera 1/24 Gold GT40

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