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  • BRM and other Questions for Newbie

    I have a very large collection of 1:32 cars that I have collected over many years. I am now starting a large scale track to go with my HO layout.

    My track will be two lane routed MDF with mag braid about 87-feet long. The lane spacing and shoulders will be wide enough for 1:24 as well....
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Tiny SlotIt Set Screws

    Tiny SlotIt Set Screws

    I raced in the second IHSR endurance race this summer. Both races were 4 hours long -- a total of 8 half-hour segments. All the cars were SlotIt brand, and largely stock. The teams were typically two drivers. In both races there was a three-man team, because an odd number of racers showed up.
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  • NJSLOT1_32
    started a topic Slot.IT DTM North America Championship

    Slot.IT DTM North America Championship

    Great Traditions (aka GTSLOTS) will run a North America race program for the Slot.IT DTM car models. The North America Final championship race will be held on Saturday, December 7, 2019 at Great Traditions, 831 Byberry Road, Philadelphia, PA. Track opens 8 am, tech inspection starts at 10 am, racing...
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  • myared
    started a topic Carrera cam car

    Carrera cam car

    Is the Carrera cam car (30372) coming to the US? It's listed as a new item in the non-US 2018 catalog, but not in the US and Canada 2018 catalog. Curious if anyone knows...
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  • RichD
    started a topic New HO Tires

    New HO Tires

    Recently I have been testing some new slip-on silicone HO tires. The goal with these tires is to match or exceed the performance that you get with silicone coated sponge tires. Silicone coated sponge tires have been the best performing HO tires for a long time, but they are expensive, they can have...
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  • RichD
    started a topic New Wizzard Fusion Car

    New Wizzard Fusion Car

    I just got a link to a Facebook page with this new Wizzard Fusion HO car.

    The new car seems to have features of both the Tyco and Slottech cars plus the BSRT G3 or Viper Scale Racing Viper. The end bell is a separate part like...
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  • Slotbob
    started a topic "Wins"/Bucket List

    "Wins"/Bucket List

    A while back I was with a group of folks and they were talking about all of the things they "had" to do or wanted to do on their "bucket list", and it occurred to me...I am already "there", I am set.

    In the "stuff" column, I have a bulletproof four...
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  • ILSlot
    started a topic Wireless reception woes - at complete loss

    Wireless reception woes - at complete loss

    Update: After my original post, I continued troubleshooting and found the culprit (below). My original thoughts as to the reason of the issue was not the case at all, so I removed that text. For now, I have a work-around that will allow me to use my track as normal, while continuing to determine the...
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  • Tangmere222
    started a topic My BRMs

    My BRMs

    Much as I tout them them club just doesn't want to bite. RevoSlots, sure, but their bigger brethren, no dice. I even point out the smaller ones will run on tracks designed for 1/32 still no love but that doesn't stop me.

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  • Car returns

    I've messaged everyone about returning your cars - all US and Canadian cars will be posted back by kidvoltage so read your message for his email address so he knows where to send the car to.

    For all others I'll post the car back from Australia - international postage is much cheaper here....
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  • fastlap
    started a topic F.I.R. Track Reconstruction

    F.I.R. Track Reconstruction


    Mostly due to the loss of all the photos of the original track build, I am starting a new thread documenting the re-assembly of the FIR at the house that Mary and I moved into last year. To say the basement has enough room is an understatement. This new space for my 117' Bowman...
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  • RichD
    started a topic HOCOC 2019-2020 Race Schedule

    HOCOC 2019-2020 Race Schedule

    The schedule can be seen here:
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  • RichD
    started a topic HO Madness!

    HO Madness!

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  • saleen385
    started a topic Track 4 Sale

    Track 4 Sale

    4 lane routed track for sale. Approximately 65ft. of running length, 3.5 lane spacing. Overall dimensions are roughly 16ft x 9ft. Has Pyramid PS26KX adjustable power supply and Trackmate timing software installed on PC, alligator clip driver stations with track call buttons and infrared sensors for...
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  • thatguy01
    started a topic 8x12 layout

    8x12 layout

    8x12 layout. I'm not crazy about tables more than 6 feet on the short side for two lane Scalextric layouts because of marshaling.

    The layout shows alternate corners that use R1. These extra parts aren't in the parts list.

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