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  • AFX Mega-G in Super Stock format (lexan body)?

    Haven't kept up with the Mega-G, as my initial thought was it wasn't upto racing with the "big boy" cars
    in Super Stock. No, I'm not bashing the Mega-G so put it back in your holster fella's! But be honest, the traction magnets are wee little fellas.

    But now that...
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  • racindad
    started a topic New Tomy AFX Set - Big Bank Raceway

    New Tomy AFX Set - Big Bank Raceway

    I had never heard of this set before, but ran across it while browsing a hobby store's website. Two Mega G stockers in what looks to be new liveries, 20 feet of track, Tri Power Pack, and judging from the box art, silver guardrails. A nice surprise. Anyone else know anything about this set? I'm not...
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  • freon
    started a topic commutator brushes mega g

    commutator brushes mega g

    Hi, I am new. I got the tomy international set with the megaG long chassis cars.
    I lost a brush and not sure what size these are or what i should be looking for
    another car that takes the same ones.

    can someone provide a link or PM me one to a set I want?

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  • GTPguy
    started a topic AFX new product preview

    AFX new product preview

    I was scanning the 'myatomic' web site and saw they now have placeholders for some of the new upcoming AFX Racemasters products. No pics or due dates, but at least they have descriptions and part numbers.

    Some of the more interesting items are:

    Two Peugeot 908s, #7 and #9-...
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  • theroad87
    started a topic Pick up shoe bulk packs for Mega Gs???

    Pick up shoe bulk packs for Mega Gs???

    When are we going to see bulk packs (say 10 pr) of pick up shoes for the Mega G (for both 1.7 and 1.5)?

    I know AFX is busy with set and car releases, but IMHO this kind of product support is needed to make these cars viable candidates for club's series racing. The Tune Up kits (so far...
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  • ic-racer
    started a topic Mega G Open Wheel Cars

    Mega G Open Wheel Cars

    I got the Red Bull open wheel car for my kids and want to get some more of these, especially since it looks kind of like the F1 car. What seems to be going on here? Have these been officially discontinued? Maybe I'm missing the threads, or its old news?

    Are they just going with the closed...
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  • LSIntegra94
    started a topic AFX Mega-G 1.7

    AFX Mega-G 1.7

    AFX Mega-G 1.7
    By Paul Shoemaker

    Wow! The first impression left me with one word....Wow! I could even say it backwards....Wow! I was feeling the rush and couldn’t wait to open the packaging and get this awesome looking car on the track and...
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