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  • dinglebery
    started a topic Lighted Slot Cars

    Lighted Slot Cars

    Last night the wife and I ran a couple old lighted cars around the new layout with the track lights on - f'n Amazing! it was!!! (I'll update the build thread when It's 100% done) The lights in the cars fluctuate in brightness related to the speed of the car. That's not what I want and I need to change...
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  • alexis in greece
    started a topic First 3Dp Adventures

    First 3Dp Adventures

    I got bit bythe 3dp bug and here is my first attempt: chassis for the Revell Ferrari 360 Easykit,design and print:

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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Tiny SlotIt Set Screws

    Tiny SlotIt Set Screws

    I raced in the second IHSR endurance race this summer. Both races were 4 hours long -- a total of 8 half-hour segments. All the cars were SlotIt brand, and largely stock. The teams were typically two drivers. In both races there was a three-man team, because an odd number of racers showed up.
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  • For Sale Truspeed wireless controllers for SSD version IV

    I have 4 controllers in absolutely mint condition. 2 have less that 2 hours of use. I also have the SCS 6 car receiver, also new in condition, 20 digital chips a C7042 advanced powerbase and a C7030.
    All for sale. If interested please let me know.. Thanks... Vin...
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  • Anyone looking for Truspeed ssd IV wireless digital controllers?

    I have 4 of these controllers in new condition. I also have the SCS receiver.
    Contact me if you are looking for these.
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  • Bonez
    started a topic BRM and other Questions for Newbie

    BRM and other Questions for Newbie

    I have a very large collection of 1:32 cars that I have collected over many years. I am now starting a large scale track to go with my HO layout.

    My track will be two lane routed MDF with mag braid about 87-feet long. The lane spacing and shoulders will be wide enough for 1:24 as well....
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  • RichD
    started a topic New Wizzard Fusion Car

    New Wizzard Fusion Car

    I just got a link to a Facebook page with this new Wizzard Fusion HO car.

    The new car seems to have features of both the Tyco and Slottech cars plus the BSRT G3 or Viper Scale Racing Viper. The end bell is a separate part like...
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  • New season kicks off on 9/28 in darnestown, md!!!

    IHSR, founded in 1994, opens it's 25th racing season at a member's home in Darnestown, MD on Saturday, September 28.

    Each race is on a Saturday unless otherwise noted. Typical race day begins with host opening his home around 8 am for testing, tuning, practice, and bench racing. The first...
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  • RichD
    started a topic New Pro Series Tires

    New Pro Series Tires

    New Pro Series HO tires will be available soon in all ten sizes.
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  • RichD
    started a topic New HO Tires

    New HO Tires

    Recently I have been testing some new slip-on silicone HO tires. The goal with these tires is to match or exceed the performance that you get with silicone coated sponge tires. Silicone coated sponge tires have been the best performing HO tires for a long time, but they are expensive, they can have...
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  • Slotbob
    started a topic "Wins"/Bucket List

    "Wins"/Bucket List

    A while back I was with a group of folks and they were talking about all of the things they "had" to do or wanted to do on their "bucket list", and it occurred to me...I am already "there", I am set.

    In the "stuff" column, I have a bulletproof four...
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  • myared
    started a topic Carrera cam car

    Carrera cam car

    Is the Carrera cam car (30372) coming to the US? It's listed as a new item in the non-US 2018 catalog, but not in the US and Canada 2018 catalog. Curious if anyone knows...
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  • New 4'x10' Design - StowAway Raceway

    Hi all, I need help choosing one of these layouts I just came up with. I've decided to build a 4'x10' platform (green rectangle) and fill it with as much track as I possibly can! The limiting factor for equal track length is the 4' depth, so one lane will be roughly 4 feet longer than the other for...
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    started a topic New to SCI

    New to SCI

    New to SCI. Have been in the slot car scene a long time. Glad to be here. Thanks
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  • 2019 Thunderslot Can-Am North America Championship

    Great Traditions (aka GTSLOTS) will run a North America race program for the Thunderslot CanAm car models. The North America Final championship race will be held on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Great Traditions, 831 Byberry Road,...
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