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  • ILSlot
    started a topic Wireless reception woes - at complete loss

    Wireless reception woes - at complete loss

    Update: After my original post, I continued troubleshooting and found the culprit (below). My original thoughts as to the reason of the issue was not the case at all, so I removed that text. For now, I have a work-around that will allow me to use my track as normal, while continuing to determine the...
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  • Bonez
    started a topic Bodies, Bodies and More Bodies

    Bodies, Bodies and More Bodies

    I told The Wifey I was taking the summer off before starting build of my 1:32 track. But I found tome to paint up some bodies.

    The Formula 1's are on Mega G chassis. All the others are on Viper Spec chassis.

    They look great and run real well.

    Porsches by bonez...
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  • Comparison of DireWolf and other Gravity cars on a Banzai BuckTRax

    While the majority of HOCOC's Open Class (Gravity) racing takes place on routed banked oval tracks featuring non-magnetic braid, I have been doing some experimenting on my Banzai BuckTrax road course. Test parameters are fairly basic, incorporating 25 lap segments at 12.0 VDV. The controller used was...
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  • Carrera Digital 132 Track Layout Advice...

    Hello All!

    Other than broken garage-sale AFX I obsessed over when I was young, I'm pretty much a beginner with this hobby but enjoying so far. I'm trying to pass on some of that experience to my young kids so I picked up two used sets of Carrera D132 track and cars, and have the following...
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