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  • edmagner
    started a topic Knock, Knock anybody home???

    Knock, Knock anybody home???

    Let's bring some of our technical discussions back over here from our new Facebook playground......nice to get some activity going here now that Alan & co have started to sort out the issues


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  • miles
    started a topic a couple of carrera digital ghost car questions

    a couple of carrera digital ghost car questions

    If i were to buy a new carrera digital set, would i need to have many controllers to run ghost cars.

    I read that carrera 1/32 can have 6 cars on the track.
    1. Can I run 5 ghost cars?
    2. would i need a separate controller for each ghost car?
    3. do carrera ghost cars just...
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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic Pivoting Chassis

    Pivoting Chassis

    I have been experimenting with custom-built chassis for 1/32nd scale cars. Not with a lot of success mind you -- but I'm working on it.

    One feature that I have integrated into several of these chassis has been borrowed from recent developments in HO scale gravity cars. That is, designing...
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  • dinglebery
    started a topic Looking for BRM cars

    Looking for BRM cars

    2 in particular... 036 and 042 - does anyone have one they want to part with? ...
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  • Looking For NSR 1054 - Ford MK IV #2 - 24h Le Mans 1967

    Looking for this exact car at a reasonable price.

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  • ICE9
    started a topic looking for slots in NE georgia

    looking for slots in NE georgia

    hello all.....ive been out of the loop for about the last 10 years.some of you may remember me as "mike(racerx)"on some of the other boards.having a hard time finding where all the action is on the internet as far as HO slots are concerned.seems to be activity here....
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  • Geoff Shannon
    started a topic This is a test

    This is a test

    Test post...
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  • HardwareGuy
    started a topic Scenery Base

    Scenery Base

    I'm using the recycled cotton material Fusion Fiber as my scenery base for my AFX four lane road course. Its lightweight, clean, can be colored with acrylic craft paint, can be stored in a covered container and placed in a fridge for days or weeks, and is easy to clean up. I use blocks of foam board...
    New batch of FF is in the lower-right of the image. Completed sectiions were finished using standard model RR scenery techniques.
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  • Tires upgrade - Front and Rear or just Rear

    Hi. First post here.

    When you upgrade tires to urethane tires for cars like scalextric and carrera, do you upgrade both the front and rear tires, or just the rear?

    Thank you in advance
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  • Dave632
    started a topic Some magnet reading with a gauss meter.

    Some magnet reading with a gauss meter.

    Thought I would show some readings I took off of some pancake magnets with my gauss meter.

    Starting off with some old stock T jet type magnets followed by some of the larger stock AFX type, then Dash ceramic,

    then some poly magnets. The neos, (not shown), measure about
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  • Reg Gagnier
    started a topic Technical Question

    Technical Question

    Hi, I have just joined this forum so hopefully I am doing this right. My question is, has anyone out there ever tried installing aCarson digital chip in a 1/32 scale NSR slot car, if so how did you do it ? I would like to get an NSR car but they are not digital.


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  • HO RacePro
    started a topic HO n20

    HO n20

    Back in 1994 (Yes! 25 years ago!) I tried to introduce improved HO slotcars and tracks. I wanted to make it inexpensive and easy to race on smooth, swoopy routed tracks with copper tape for power conductors. The idea was that clickety-clack plastic track with rails for power conductors was holding back...
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  • fastlap
    started a topic WIW Thread

    WIW Thread

    This is for HO-1/64 slots so I thought it appropriate to put this thread in the HO section. I will be coming up on retirement soon. I am thinking of thinning the collection (not immense) out as I will be concentrating on filling my shelves with my own resin creations. I collected mostly Batmobiles...
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  • dinglebery
    started a topic New PGRC-2 Poster

    New PGRC-2 Poster

    Does anyone know when this is going to be available? Any info on it would be appreciated!
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  • Velocity
    started a topic Greetings from Ontario Canada

    Greetings from Ontario Canada

    Hi folks, glad to see the site is allowing new member registrations finally! I have been wanting to join since last summer. Iím just a garage racing enthusiast who had not had a HO slot car set since I had a Tyco Race and Chase set as a kid in the early 90ís. Nintendo won out for me unfortunately...
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