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  • sullanciri
    started a topic do ghost cars need lane changers

    do ghost cars need lane changers

    during one of my more nostalgic moments, I decided to put up a large layout - using standard Carrera track pieces, using my digital control unit, but without lange changers (the plan was to race with just one car in each lane, just like one does with analog tracks)

    I used the digital...
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  • Tall One Cowboy
    started a topic Analog vs digital

    Analog vs digital

    I am new to the Slot Car Illustrated forum, but I am not new to slot cars. I built my first homemade track around 1965 using particle board, copper tape car batteries, and a router. I had purchased and added to HO tracks prior to constructing my 1/24 track in a garage. ...
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    started a topic Track


    New to 1/32. I have classic Scalectrix track that i want to build on. My layout area is going to be L shaped basically a 5 ft x 12 ft rectangle with the L bumping out an additional 3 or 4 ft. My question is really about track can I use SCX track? I know i can use scalectrix sport with adapters. I found...
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  • Stubacca03
    started a topic SSD Cars run opposite direction in Analog

    SSD Cars run opposite direction in Analog

    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the power supply tip Mr Flippant, worked a treat. $15 vs $70 is a biiiiiig difference. It's created another problem though. No matter what i do the Analog cars will only run in the opposite direction to each other.I program the power base for left running, one goes...
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  • skinted
    started a topic looking for answers...power base?

    looking for answers...power base?

    I've had an Artin track with a custom base powered by a pyramid amp for the better part of a decade. I want to upgrade and buy a new track,(ninco, scalextric,carrera, etc) but I still want to power it with my amp and still want a custom power base to allow for my PF controller( 3 gator clips + polarity)....
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  • This is a bad *** layout and it uses Faller track

    i would love to see something like this from AFX. This was made by Faller. I see that there are 4 controllers, but not sure if they are independent. Does anyone know if each driver can control their vehicle?
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  • WTB Carrera Evo Analog Straights and 2/30 Curves

    Hay everyone,
    I am expanding my track and am in need of 12 Carrera Evolution Analog Normal Straights and 10 2/30 curves. If anyone has anything used, let me know what you have and price.

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