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  • brighamdmo
    started a topic Non-Magnatraction Advice Needed

    Non-Magnatraction Advice Needed

    Greetings! I have accumulated a bunch of AFX non-magnatraction chassis, and I need your advice on sprucing them up. Not for racing, but just to make nice basement runners. In particular, I would like to know what you advise for commutator brushes. Any other advice you can give on rehabbing these...
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  • Scaleracing
    started a topic Welcome to SCI SweetNovember68

    Welcome to SCI SweetNovember68

    A very interesting product has been Manufactured by SweetNovember68 motor brushes for the Scalextric Formula Junior motors.

    Pricing is very reasonable with 1-10 pieces shipped for under $7.00 each ( subject to exchange rates )

    I am sure Anna will come online and post more...
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  • gooberthud3
    started a topic SCX Motor Brushes

    SCX Motor Brushes

    I know there is got to be a thread on here on where to buy or ,what kind to modify. But I cannot find it. I have some motors that are in need of a comm cut and new brushes.I will be working on the 42 and 42b motors. Thanks for the help in advance. I am still getting use to using Illustrated. I have...
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  • Aurora G+ maintenance issues...darn motor brushes!

    I have two G+ cars that need motor brushes. I went to a hobby store that sold me two sets of original vintage Aurora motor brushes, check! I get home, and can't figure out how the hell to put these things in the barrels without them falling out!? And there's no way to get them in without removing the...
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  • DaveKennedy
    started a topic 85102 guide brushes

    85102 guide brushes

    Brushes for the older style guide. This is part number 85102....
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  • slotbubba
    started a topic Mixing brushes on Tjets?

    Mixing brushes on Tjets?

    I've heard some folks will mix brush brands for Fray style cars.

    Anybody willing to give any advice? Send me a private message if you would rather not make it public!

    Yeah I know, a dyno would help alot in this process....
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