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  • Blazin' Ben
    started a topic Need some car advice

    Need some car advice

    Hey, folks. Iím looking for some answers/guidance. Iím looking to get my son and myself some fast, upgradable cars for the track Iím building for him; a two lane, long road track, powered by a 0-30 VDC 10A power supply. Iíve looked at some different cars and canít make up my mind:

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  • It's broke (the chassis) - how do I (or can I) fix it

    Hi all, hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas!

    Got the kiddo a Tomy AFX (Mega-G cars) set for Christmas...he loves it, had a great time for several hours, but then...he and big brother were racing and he comes crying to me in the other room with a broken car. Yep, it's actually...
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  • downtowndeco
    started a topic Mega G pickup shoes finicky?

    Mega G pickup shoes finicky?

    Seems that way to me. I still have problems with them catching on the tight corners even though I've found it helps to file/dremel off the outside leading corner of the shoes & it seems like it's way too easy for them to get tweaked out of alignment which leads to poor power pickup & erratic...
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  • johniefeelgood
    started a topic AFX Mega G

    AFX Mega G

    Hey race fans, here's one for you:

    Are the Mega G cars included with the track sets the same as the ones sold individually? I ask because many for sale on auction sites are pictured and described as "from sets" Mega G's but don't have the super cool tire lettering that the Mega...
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  • Speedhoppy
    started a topic Super G+ Hubs on a Mega G Chassis

    Super G+ Hubs on a Mega G Chassis

    Today while I was changing tires on some of my Mega G chassis from their original rubber to silicones, I was surprised to find one of my Mega G SWB (1.5) chassis had Super G+ wheel hubs, instead of the normal hubs for slip on tires.
    Has anybody else had this? I have 20 of these (both LWB...
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  • Stc
    started a topic SG+ or Mega-G ?

    SG+ or Mega-G ?

    I'm new in slot cars.
    I have -6 Mega-G 1.7, - 4 Mega-G 1.5, -2 Auto World Ultra-g, -2 Aurora AFX Magna-Traction. I think buy the 4 way split (AFX kit 9947) only for the 4 wide SG+ ($ 100 + $ 50 shipping). I have never driven Super G but I heard it's better than the Mega-G, could you tell me the...
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  • dcnsimo3
    started a topic questions on different chassis

    questions on different chassis

    Im fairly new at last track was when i was 9 and I didnt even get to use it. It was the last one toyrus had and it was missing a car and some track so santa had to get his money back haha. Anyways, I just got the super international set and got a tyco 440x2 off ebay and built myself a 4x8...
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  • jay mendoza
    started a topic Mega G report

    Mega G report

    AXF Mega-G Champ Cars

    In late 2008 we purchased 2 of the new Mega-G cars. We were looking to upgrade our older Tyco Magnum 440/440 X2, and some of the newer Super G+ cars with better magnets, and ski-shoes, and new tires.

    When we saw the Mega-G, it had all those features,...
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