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mega-g 1.7 x

  • 1976Cordoba
    started a topic Mega-G blank Indy body fitment issue

    Mega-G blank Indy body fitment issue

    Anyone else notice this issue or am I just the lucky one?

    The plain blank body Panoz DP01 Indy body rides high at the tail compared to the deco'd Mega-G Indy cars I have. I have three blanks and they all do this. I also swapped out chassis from the deco'd cars to see if I had...
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  • freon
    started a topic mega g champ cars

    mega g champ cars

    I got the international set with the 4 champ cars. These are 1.7 mega g's correct?
    they do not appear like the 1.7 i read about. there are no removable bulkheads.
    they look more like the 1.5 that i see pictures of but longer??
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  • LSIntegra94
    started a topic AFX Mega-G 1.7

    AFX Mega-G 1.7

    AFX Mega-G 1.7
    By Paul Shoemaker

    Wow! The first impression left me with one word....Wow! I could even say it backwards....Wow! I was feeling the rush and couldn’t wait to open the packaging and get this awesome looking car on the track and...
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