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    Yes a shameless plug for our latest sale! Get up to $75 off your order and free shipping! WOW! I'll drink to that!

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  • JOstic24
    started a topic WTB: AFX Super G+ body clips!

    WTB: AFX Super G+ body clips!

    Hi, I just purchased a used set that came with two Super G+ Nascar style vehicles. One of my kids had a "nice" crash with it and the body clip broke. These do not seem too easy to come by. Lost out on an auction on the big bid site and the only other one out there wants $8 a piece?!?! plus...
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  • Holover
    started a topic Aurora screechers

    Aurora screechers

    Does anyone know where I can get a pic of exploded view of an aurora screecher, or where to find parts? Just I.D.'d one of my garage sale finds, trying to fix it..think I need pickup springs. Thanks in advance.
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  • I cant find a source for HO scale parts in Alberta

    Can anyone tell me of a supplier of ho scale parts, rebuild kits, shells, chassis who will ship to Alberta and accepts paypal? Getting so frustrated by filing out an order for parts, etc. then getting to final stage and being told they dont accept paypal, or not on international orders. Aaaarrrgh. Sorry...
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  • BWAV
    started a topic Ninco Cars For Sale

    Ninco Cars For Sale

    We (my son and I) have a large collection of cars and parts that we need to reduce down to just a few for personal use. This is the first of about one hundred cars we will be selling, followed by Ninco track and car parts. If you are interested in any of this, watch for our future posts.
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  • starfiresx
    started a topic Need Tomy SRT parts

    Need Tomy SRT parts

    I have found some places on the net that carry parts.

    What I have not found is the magnet holder for the SRT chassis.

    I did see that Jag Hobbies had them but now out of stock.

    anyone know where eles one can find this part?

    thanks Joe
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  • DaveKennedy
    started a topic Carrera-YouTube/Other sites

    Carrera-YouTube/Other sites

    I've started a YouTube channel for Carrera of America. As always I will post videos here but I thought it important to have all the Carrera videos in one place on YouTube. On that channel I've started to produce videos showing not only demo coverage but also some "how to" videos for the basic...
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  • whitnate
    started a topic Need advice & new/used equipment

    Need advice & new/used equipment

    Hello. My name is Whitney. I am just getting into slot car racing and I need advice and I am looking for some parts and some advise as well. The trace I will be going to has 2 tracks. I need 4" and 4.5" chassis and nascar style bodies and Parma motors 498 499 and 501 I think....
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