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  • Stc
    started a topic SG+ or Mega-G ?

    SG+ or Mega-G ?

    I'm new in slot cars.
    I have -6 Mega-G 1.7, - 4 Mega-G 1.5, -2 Auto World Ultra-g, -2 Aurora AFX Magna-Traction. I think buy the 4 way split (AFX kit 9947) only for the 4 wide SG+ ($ 100 + $ 50 shipping). I have never driven Super G but I heard it's better than the Mega-G, could you tell me the...
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  • freon
    started a topic mega g champ cars

    mega g champ cars

    I got the international set with the 4 champ cars. These are 1.7 mega g's correct?
    they do not appear like the 1.7 i read about. there are no removable bulkheads.
    they look more like the 1.5 that i see pictures of but longer??
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  • racindad
    started a topic New Tomy AFX Set - Big Bank Raceway

    New Tomy AFX Set - Big Bank Raceway

    I had never heard of this set before, but ran across it while browsing a hobby store's website. Two Mega G stockers in what looks to be new liveries, 20 feet of track, Tri Power Pack, and judging from the box art, silver guardrails. A nice surprise. Anyone else know anything about this set? I'm not...
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  • quardlepleen
    started a topic Stock Tomy controllers failing

    Stock Tomy controllers failing

    2 of the stock controllers in my Super International are now only working intermittently. They'll work fine one minute, the next minute the car is dead on the track. It will come back at random, but then stops working again. The lanes and cars work fine with other controllers.

    Is this...
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  • GTPguy
    started a topic AFX new product preview

    AFX new product preview

    I was scanning the 'myatomic' web site and saw they now have placeholders for some of the new upcoming AFX Racemasters products. No pics or due dates, but at least they have descriptions and part numbers.

    Some of the more interesting items are:

    Two Peugeot 908s, #7 and #9-...
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  • LSIntegra94
    started a topic AFX Giant Raceway Set

    AFX Giant Raceway Set

    AFX Giant Raceway Set
    by Paul Shoemaker

    Okay, so I have to ask, What’s better than getting an AFX race set? A BIG, well GIANT race set! And AFX meets that idea head-on with an absolutely huge race set. Sixty-two and half feet of pulse pounding, racing excitement...
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  • Wahoo
    started a topic The New AFX DP01

    The New AFX DP01

    Well gang, here is a very rough idea of what we're in for later this year when the new chassis is finished:

    What's really cool about this body (and you can't tell from these photos) is that the height of the body measured from the bottom...
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  • McLaren
    started a topic Saw a New Tomy Track Set Today

    Saw a New Tomy Track Set Today

    I believe it was called Big D - Champion Stockers. 20' of track, but interestingly enough, like the Long Beach GP, it also uses 18 inch curves! Comes with 2 SG+ stockers. It's not a big deal, but I have heard no mention of it before.

    Track sets up like a big D-shaped oval (duh!). ...
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