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    started a topic Welcome to SCI SweetNovember68

    Welcome to SCI SweetNovember68

    A very interesting product has been Manufactured by SweetNovember68 motor brushes for the Scalextric Formula Junior motors.

    Pricing is very reasonable with 1-10 pieces shipped for under $7.00 each ( subject to exchange rates )

    I am sure Anna will come online and post more...
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    started a topic 1/32 track for sale

    1/32 track for sale

    I have a ton of track and accessories for sale, Lap Counters, crisscross, pinch track various curves, short and long straights, guard rails, 8 controllers etc. Too much to list. My layout was 5 ft x 16 with several long straights and stilll had a bunch of extra track. Losing the room where the track...
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    started a topic Track


    New to 1/32. I have classic Scalectrix track that i want to build on. My layout area is going to be L shaped basically a 5 ft x 12 ft rectangle with the L bumping out an additional 3 or 4 ft. My question is really about track can I use SCX track? I know i can use scalectrix sport with adapters. I found...
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