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  • AlaskaMC
    started a topic Merry Christmas = Slot Cars!

    Merry Christmas = Slot Cars!

    I sure have a cool wife! For my birthday she bought me all sorts of sweet bling for my snow machine (mobile for all you folks in the lower 48). Most of my friends get ties and chore related gifts. NO soft packages or hidden agendas from my gal. Now to top it for Christmas, I find a Super International...
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  • AGrant
    started a topic New Magnatraction Cars

    New Magnatraction Cars

    Does anyone make a good re-make of the magnatraction cars? I'm not really interested in the T-Jets but I have a couple older Magna cars and thought I would do some searching. I've been told AutoWorld makes one.

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  • HOguy_56
    started a topic AW X-Traction question

    AW X-Traction question

    Do these cars need to have oil put on them like t-jets? There is one car I have had a couple of issues with, running slow and squeaking. I tried oiling the car, and then my dad and I took it apart, because we thought that the brushes were rubbing the motor. We adjusted them and ran the car again, but...
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  • domer
    started a topic Magnatraction (Xtraction) Shoes

    Magnatraction (Xtraction) Shoes

    I'm looking for opinions on the smoothest running pickup shoes for Magnatraction and Xtraction cars. I have a handful of Magnatraction and several Xtraction cars, and I seem to feel that the cars running the narrow flat shoes seem to run the best. You would think the wider shoes found on the latest...
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  • Manshow
    started a topic New here, Xtraction question.

    New here, Xtraction question.

    Nice place y'all got here! I'm just getting back in to the hobby after a short 25 year break!

    In any case, I'm going nuts getting AFX/Tomy track, accessories and cars. Mixture of Super G's, SRTs Xtractions and a new T-Jet to try out.

    With regards to the Xtractions, I've noticed...
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