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Now I understand. You want a race that is determined by total number of laps instead of total time. Both programs can do that. If you are using Race Coordinator go into the Race Setup, select the tab for Scoring, then under the "Finish Method" section select Lap Limit, and enter the number of laps you want. Also at the top of that section, select "Total Time" as the ranking method. This will then mark the winner as the person to hit that number of laps first.
The drop-down box below the finish method will allow you to set if you want it to end the race when the first person hits that limit, or if you want it to allow all racers to get that full number of laps.
After the race has ended you can then select Windows->Heat Results and it will show you all sorts of data regarding the race, including times for all individual laps, though the one piece of data that it is missing is total time. You could easily calculate it by taking the average lap and multiply it by the number of laps though.
I'm sure the results window could be modified to include total time. I'll see if I can modify it and get back to you.
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