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Default Are there any rest homes available with tracks?

where I can spend time trying to qualify against Alzheimers patients, with like 5 lap enduros? I guess I'll have to start Rest Home Raceways as a traveling circus with a city Championship, County might be better, then the statewide County Incarcerated Finale. All you need to qualify is $10 for the National Title. Being sedentary is just not right and the incarcerated, the shut-ins, the infirmed could qualify. How about a jail ministry with a portable track. Huge untapped market. Why aren't we selling into prison's? Have a nationwide prisoner slot car challenge, how demented would that be?

What better way to screen the aged to see who's still got it? That's a fun idea and could answer a lot of unasked questions like "is slot car competition really the cure for Alzheimers"?
Or does slot car racing cause more mental degradation than most people realize? To my knowledge a study has never been done.

All I know is when the time comes I would prefer a room with tracks available, ovals, drag strips, rally tracks, hill climbs.

As far as format just start with 1 lane, one person at a time.
Every time there is an incident, hit pause until that driver has time to collect themselves.
You don't get any more kind than that, huh?

Ever heard golden agers talkin' smack when they're racin'? Maybe start out with the Senior Center Invitational and then spread out into the rest homes for the more feeble in our community.

This could be huge!


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