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I see it declining, right along the lines of what 'Hoppy said.

As the years go by, more distractions are introduced, keeping kids face down in one screen or another. So few people even have the skill to work on a small machine these days. I mean, it is what it is. These same young people will be replacing the video game they broke or discarded when they're 30 or 40.... maybe. I don't know, I don't see a lot of sentimentality for nostalgia among a lot of younger people. Me, I liked old stuff since the time I was a kid.

I see supposedly serious FRAY type racing groups panicking about parts availability, yet nobody has said one word, even as a group, about stepping up to take over Dash production. The tooling and manufacturing already exists. Just a matter of buying the owner out.
Overly specific rules and overly complicated tutorials certainly don't attract newbies.

As for a convention, be the "they" who puts one on. "They" is somebody, and anyone can be that somebody. It's not terribly difficult to line up some public convention space in a hotel, community center, or Knights of Columbus or VFW hall for a couple days and get the word out, and a couple phone calls to management to block out discount hotel rooms. I put together a 4 day road rally all by myself, including all the meal stops and lodging. It wasn't difficult.

One bit of advice, try to give people 9-12 months notice so they can plan to travel.

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