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Default Race Screens / Skins / Race Desktops

Thank You for the compliments ......It realy does help

About your questions:

Can you setup a race to time multiple laps instead of just a lap. Say I wanted to know what a drivers time was for a 10 minute lap, will that show on the screen?

Also, for timed races, is there a way to get the clock on the screen with a countdown?
Depending on the race software you may be able to get some of the options you are interested in. RC for example has different "Skins" we do not know a lot about this option but from what we understand you can pick from different "Skins" or Screens for your race desk top to us a windows term...they may have a skin like you are looking for. The developers of RC also happily take suggestions for "Skins"

In both RC and LT2K you can set the race to be for laps or a time limit. LT2K dose not have "Skins" but both will save the results to file that can then be shared or printed out.

If you have several drivers or want to network your race pc we recommend using "Windows Remote Desktop Manager " IF the race pc and the other devices are a smart phone or laptop, notepad etc. OR of course, you could use a router and allow direct connections or a wifi connection to the race pc but with all of todays wifi devices that can use W.R.D.M. it is a cool upgrade for group racing.

Not to sound like wise guys ....We always defer and refer to the software developers.....softwares help menus & of course the folks that designed the software and their web sites are the best source for accurate, reliable and detailed Race Software Information.....forums are very very helpfull but when it comes to Race Software the Developers are the go to pro's

We hope this helps or at least points you in the right direction :>)

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