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Originally Posted by hoslotdoctor View Post
That question doesn't make sense. Drivers time for a 10-minute lap? That would be 10 minutes (though it would have to be an absolutely gigantic track to have 10-minute lap time). Did you mean to say individual lap times on a 10-minute race? Both programs will show you all of the individual lap times after the race is over in the race results screen.

I'm pretty sure you can set the Timer to count Down instead of up, but I am not at home at the moment. I'll check later and let you know.

Ugg... that didn't make sense what I wrote, I should have wrote 10 laps not 10 mintues laps.

What I am seeing so far is the software will tell how many laps a car has done, and will tell the speed of the last lap, and the speed of the fastest lap. What I want to know is how long it took someone to run a certain amount of laps. Say 10 people run a 20 lap qualifying race, how can I tell who ran it the fastest.
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