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Default EAHORC has a PDF

Originally Posted by NCSS View Post
Very interesting idea. Is the idea that with the add-on pit sensors one can have a longer re-fueling area, making it easier to stop in the correct place?

I'm a big fan of VIASUE and I'm sure the WI-FI product will be excellent. For anyone who can't wait, one can currently enable Wi-Fi in RC using a router. The British club EAHORC has a PDF on the Internet that is most helpful for those of us without much network experience. One can find it by searching for "Duffer's guide to Race Coordinator."

Keep up the good work!

Edit: It occurs me that perhaps VIASUE is intending a wireless unit from the sensors to the computer? If so, my apologies for being dense. That would also be very cool.
Could you please provide a link to that PDF wifi info / link it within this thread would be great...
You are correct we want to eliminate as many wires and connections as possible.
You are also correct we want a wifi Blue Tooth add on feature as well
We would also like one day to be able to just set down, in a track layout,add on features like, wireless countdown towers, or wireless heat leader indicators, however we cant get around wires for power..... Tesla Where Are You When I Need You ??

Of course RC will be spear heading all of our fantasies of the future...Thanks RC

Thanks y'all for contributing
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