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Default Sure

Here's the PDF link to the EAHORC document "A duffer’s guide to setting up Race Coordinator to broadcast on a small wireless network."

EAHORC has become THORL, according to their web site, but it is very nice of them to leave the EAHORC web site up for historical and informational purposes. So thanks to them!

I suggest interested parties save the PDF file, as it does seem to be difficult to find this document using the google.

I have successfully used the wireless feature of RC with a variety of devices, anything that has a browser should work. The only two minor bugaboos I have found are that gaming consoles seem not to cooperate, at least on my setup as I am NOT connecting this little LAN to the Internet, it's strictly for slot cars. I'm using an old Netgear router I had gathering dust.

The other issue is that my iPhone wants to switch back to my primary household network when I walk back into the house. Obviously neither of these is the fault of RC, and the second can be solved by deleting my primary network temporarily.

Typically we set up an iPad in the kitchen, so that there is less shouting for someone to come to the table.

Best wishes.
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