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Default IR connections with Race Coordinator

Iíve been playing with a demo of the Race Coordinator software and really like it! Iíve been using the VRS system Iíd purchased in 2000 and it is pretty stripped out Ė I really like the features in Race Coordinator, especially the fuel useage.

Iíve got the parallel cable with IRís from the VRS system and after attempting to figure out the Race Coordinatorsetup Iím really not sure what the differences are between the Status/Reference/Control Registers is.

My current VRS cable is wired as such:

In RC, my Expert Track setup under LPT1 shows the following in GREEN:

Lane 1 = s3 pin 15
Lane 2 = s4 pin 13
Lane 3 = s5 pin 12
Lane 4 = s6 pin 10

All "common" wires are connected together at pin 25 - my understanding is this is the ground.

None of the sensors will pick up any laps in this configuration.

Will I have to re-wire the pins or will this work with RC? If so, can anyone help me through the setup?

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