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Default Stop Doing That

Even though this post does not relate to our product or what we offer we like to help If we can::

Remember the story A guy tells his doctor ..."When I move like this it hurts" so the Doc says "Then dont move like that"....well its kind of like that ....RC is seeing your sensors as 10,12,13 15 which is how you have the connector wired BUT you get no action via lpt1....( given lpt1 is in your device manager settings) OR ::

Try Wiring them to the track mate standard of 10,11,12,13 grounded to pin 25 (you may need to indicate you are using the t.m. standard, like in lap timer 2000 rms ?)and see If you get triggering. When you open the Track Expert the connected icon should be on as well and in settings via change of indicator color when the sensor is covered and uncovered....

Somethimes its the simple things....otherwise you might want to ask in the RC forum about RC software settings for VRS configuration/pin out...If supported by RC??.

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